• I cant believe it.. its shocking/appaling and totally unacceptable for this to happen. When i heard this on the news yesterday i couldnt believe my ears. How long does it take for a person/child to starve to death?? This poor child must have suffered unimaginable agony.. she is better off now where she is - sad to say but true. Her parents should be hung for this! Im totally disgusted. Im only glad that her siblings have been taken to hospital and hopefully they will be fostered out to families who will care for them.
  • I dont even know, but I know I cried so much listening to the news this morning I couldnt put my make up on. I dont see how this happened without social services being aware
  • Absolutely horrible! Something went seriously wrong and I hope the enquiry finds a big hole that obviously exists in the system and fills it! This can NOT happen again.
  • What went wrong is that the adults who had the duty to care for her, did not do so. It wasn't the school, it wasn't the neighbours, it wasn't even the Social Services who had primary responsibility to see that she was properly fed. End of story.
  • Im shocked. I can't imagine how something like this happens. How does a mother just not bleed and suffer to see her children hungry before her and see their condition and health deteriorate? Is she human? And how could the school not notice that 6 children were missing? Are towns too big that we don't know each other anymore? Neighborhoods too crowded? Or do people just not care?
  • People are allowed to have children without any parenting training, or regulation what-so-ever. If a license was required for parenting, like it is for driving, parents would be much better qualified. I'm not in favor of limiting the number of children a person can have, like they do in China, but I firmly believe there should be a qualification certificate and permit fee charged for each one.
  • My God. That's appalling. Truly appaling. That mother and her live in boyfriend should be horse-whipped. And where was the father all this time? Starvation takes WEEKS. These people, in my opinion, are monsters.
  • I read about too today, makes you think.. to be honest, England pretty much equals bad parents in my head. I know FAR from all brits like this, but the cases still exist so there's got to be a reason.. Apart from the fact that psychopaths can be born in every society, I guess it could be related to factors like your school system. I'm writing a pretty long report about, among others, the development of a child's brain and the importance of respecting their needs in the different stages of the childhood. It's pretty scary how bad things can turn if these needs are neglected, it's easier than most people think to create an individual who is completely dysfunctional when it comes to raising a child and behaving responsible. It may also be a vicious circle in motion. If The mother was brought up by uncaring parents too, she's likely to not understand the responsibility having a kid requires. What's truly sad is that the surviving children are likely to become extremely bad parents too, because they've recieved so little comfort and caring...
  • I dont know mate it's a national discrase it just proves that people should'nt be allowed to home school because it makes it much harder to spot problems like this,but i dont know why were supprised our social sevices have proved many times that there compleatly incompitant.

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