• Not necessarily, My dad was a highly intelligent man and..well..then came me..LOL :)
  • i think so yes. everyone in my family is smart :]
  • I don't believe so, I have several sibling that are not intelligent at all, and my parents are fairly intelligent!
  • absolutely not.
  • Genes probably play a part, but your environment can play an even more important part. Intelligence is really hard to define anyway. IQ tests are useless since there are so many ways to be smart. I have met people that have been very intelligent in certain fields but can't even balance their check books.A friend of mine is an engineer for Intel but has a very difficult time being able to write memos. I grow my hair and make my heart beat very well. That is a sign that I possess intelligence. Maybe the only sign..LOL
  • Part of it is but not totally. Intelligence can improve in children simply by great nutrition in the parents and during gestation. And even after birth. And vise versa, intelligence can be hindered by malnutrition and being exposed to toxins.
  • To a degree, it's a question of Nature vs Nurture...One can not fully bloom without the other.
  • To a degree, as with most other things, nature and nurture combine in complex ways that are difficult to unravel.
  • Duhh maybe, hold on while I ask daddy dumbass yo...:)=(
  • i think it's not hereditary.
  • If it is, in my case it skipped a generation. My dad hasd a 180 IQ and my daughter 160. I'm just "normal" :D
  • What is intelligence?
  • Yes. The ability to retain knowledge is due to the physical make up of your brain, which is a trait you get from your family tree.
  • The answer to that question is an ongoing investigation, and there is no definitive conclusion at this time.
  • Intelligence is affected by both heredity ("nature") and environment ("nurture.") An intelligent person can have intelligent or idiotic children, but having good genes and providing a rich environment/good education for the children gives them the best chance of being intelligent as well. Any child can be "made" unintelligent as well, for instance by lead poisoning or fetal alcohol syndrome. Because none of us can choose our heridity, and few of us can choose our upbringing/environment, one of the most useful definitions of intelligence comes from Dr. Robert Sternberg of Yale: "an intelligent person is one who makes the most of what he/she is born with."
  • It is believed that the potential is passed within the genes but social economic conditions determine if the inherent potential is reached. Within an impoverished family up to 60% of variance in IQ can be attributed to environment while the contribution of genes is zero. On the other end of the social economic spectrum the opposite is true; family environment has little to do with IQ variance while inherited genes are the primary determining factor of IQ.
  • So much but not all. intelligence to me is hereditary, taught, learned, lived combined.
  • i believe that it is. i have heard that it is. i like to believe that my children will be just as intelligent or more intelligent than i am.
  • no never-only in Arab (ha ha)they give their country to their sons because they think like that.their son is more intelligent than all Arabs.5
  • I've heard you inherit it from your mother
  • The capacity to adapt and survive is inherited; intelligence must be learned.
  • I would have to say not exactly, my buddy Alec's parent were both affected by retardation with IQ's below 65, and he is a mechanical engineer, and one of his sisters is a nurse, while his other is mildly retarded.
  • ± think intelligence is heridariy but at the same time environmrnt affect is unescapable

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