• P V = n R T P = Pressure V = Volume n = Number of moles R = Gas constant. T = absolute Temperature The current definition of STP is: P = 100,000 Pa T = 273.15 K R is 8.3145 m^3 Pa/(mol K) Putting these numbers in gives: V/n = RT/P = 8.3145 * 273.15 / 100,000 = 0.022711 m^3 per mole which is 22.711 liters per mole. You need to know how many grams per liter. Take one mole. How much does it weigh (mass)? You need the "molar mass" or "molecular mass" also known as "molecular weight". You will probably have been given this number (outside of a homework you could look up Carbon Monoxide on wikipedia and look at the table at the top right). molar mass of Carbon monoxide = 28.0101 g/mole So 28.0101 grams of Carbon monoxide occupies 22.711 liters That's 28.0101/22.711 = 1.2333 grams per liter. There are various definitions of STP and various values used for the molar mass so you will have to do these cacluations again using the data you were given. You may also have been given the V/n figure.

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