• solar store
  • You might want to surf the net to find one. One candidate that I can think of is Edmund Scientific. Another would be Hosfelt Electronics. There are also numerous sites that specialize in that sort of thing. Do a Google search as follows: ["solar panels" +price] and you might want to Froogle and do the same search, that way, you will get prices as well as stores, in a sortable display. Happy hunting!
  • I will recommend you to Google the online Solar Panels Stores or just visit these
  • here:
  • A lot depends on what you are talking about. If you want to power your house, your local power company probably offers something, and any number of dealers will install panels and get a government subsidy to pay for them. If you want a cell for a DIY project, you should search for dealers. is one that I happen to know of.
  • 3-10-2017 Forget it. The business model is based on federal subsidies and they won't even talk to you without first being sure that you qualify for one.

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