• Very slim, they are very anti-social. Much less get married.
  • Very slim. They are so focused on one idea/projects/topic that they would have a real hard time multitasking that and a marriage also. If there would be children that would enter another factor. I really doubt they would be able to focus away from their normal concerns enough to do the involved emotional and physical tasks of the getting married process.
  • the same as anyone else...true love sees no personality disorders. also, love is blind, but it sure knows how to get around in the dark.
  • hey it could happen
  • I am surprised by previous answers. In my work as a teacher I have come across many youngsters with Aspergers. Often, when I meet their parents (married or cohabiting) I find that a parent has Aspergers too, in my experience usually the dad. I know several adults with AS who are married. One of these is a maths teacher at a local school. Regards
  • I've known several adults with AS who have gotten married. My grandfather (on my mother's side) had it. He got married. I have it, too. I'm not married, but that isn't because I cant maintain relationships. I just don't want to get married.
  • its more comman than you think
  • You can get a lot more information by choosing from one of these sites: Also see the list of sites on the right hand side of your page. Demand Media, the owner of Answerbag, has provided a lot of information there.
  • I suppose about the same as a person with mental illness. I'm married, but I also stay on top of my illness with drugs and therapy.
  • Although it's under the Austism umbrella, most people with Asperger's are usually high functioning people who I find are very intelligent. I would think it would have more to do with a person's functioning level and the ability to maintain a long term relationship rather than being labeled. Even those who aren't given an Asperger's diagnosis struggle in those catagories!
  • Well, I'm married. Have been for over 14 years now. We do have feelings, we do have the ability to learn how to interract with people. We just seem to a "normal" person that we're a bit stand-offish, not as easy to talk to, etc. Once we're your friend though, we're fiercely loyal and our love is strong for those whom we love. We just have a hard time expressing it.
  • Thats tough. Asperger's Syndrome incompasses a wide variety of cognitive levels and social skills. In most cases I have worked with relationships are difficult to build and as a result they children have few friends but once a relationship is built, it is very strong. I think most have a pretty good chance of marriage. A lasting marriage as for anyone could be more difficult.
  • There are different types of AS, depending on how you are positioned on the spectrum. Some people have relatively mild AS, like one of the above posters, but other people have severe problems. Certainly, AS will make a successful marriage more difficult than it otherwise might have been, but it can be done.
  • EDIT: My husband & I were married in February of 2009! He has Aspergers :) So im sure when they met the right person its just as possible for them as normal people.
  • They have a very good chance of getting married! : O )
  • Better than you would think. Aspies may be socially inept, but are not always shy. Some learn enough humor to come across as witty and charming in a quirky sort of way that some find endearing.
  • Like almost all of the Autism like syndromes, Asperger's is manifests itself in different degrees in different individuals. I am married and so is Bill Gates. So, of course they can get married.
  • Depends, they may often struggle to meet suitable partners but once they are with a kind and non-judgemental group of people, they blossom.
  • Depends on many factors. How high functioning the person is, whether he/she can communicate on an emotional level. One of the difficulties of Aspergers is that the sufferer often is not tuned in to other people, so the couple would have to make a point of talking about feelings on a regular basis. I think it's possible.
  • I have been married to a (just diagnosed) man with AS for many years & the missing pieces of the jigsaw are finally falling into place. Our relationship has been extremely difficult at times - his lack of money sense, his inability to effectively discipline our children, his lethargy & extreme procrastination have made it almost impossible to live with him at times. We do not have a normal married relationship as he cannot communicate thoughts, dreams, hopes & fears to me & we don't know each other any better after all this time than when we first met. Now I'm aware that he is affected by this condition I see no hope for our future together.
  • Until rather recently, the chances were probably not good. With the emergence of on-line communication, with it's emphasis on the written word, the chances are improved as people with Aspergers can communicate socially without the need for reading complex visual facial or body language cues. +5
  • Watch the movie As Good As It Gets a few times and let me know.
  • Most of people with mild autism-AS, have a normal life. No doubt.
  • Unlikely. Most of us have built up a defensive asocial armor around ourselves. Those of us old enough to have gone untreated most of our lives realize that any social contact is dangerous and and opportunity for ridicule or a sexual harassment allegation. +1

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