• I see a guy that others must see too. Many people's minds are not warped about their image but we do tend to think lower of ourselves than others would. Esteem is a big issue amongst us when we gaze upon our reflections.
  • A few good things, and more than a few bad. Also, I find it hard not to focus attention on my gut.
  • I see old, drab and boring. If I try to look with someone elses mind, I just laugh and tell myself to get on with life.
  • I see borderline overweight and lumpy, as do other people.
  • When anyone looks at something they may not be perceiving the real thing, most of the time you see what you think will justify a certain claim. For example if you believe that all overalls are ugly, immediately when you see them you will think they're ugly even if they actually aren't.
  • In one way or another yes. For me it was not being able to look like girls were supposed to - not being beautiful, pretty, of even cute. Like my cousins were and most of my friends. Now I look in the mirror and see a very slim and plain woman aging and greying but its OK because I know though I have never been very much I have been able to accomplish things anyhow and give and receive pleasure. Because some people do and have liked how I look and how I am.

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