• do what u tink is right. but the hidden will always be uncovered. dont hide anything
  • yes, you should deffiently tell him!!! if not it will haunt you for the rest of your life and all your other relationships, its best that you honest with him... cause if your not the it means you obvisouly dont love him enough to tell him the truth... cause thats what love is all about.. honesty.. and if he really loves you, he'd forgive you!
  • honesty is the most important thing in a relationship. Sure, if you tell him you stand a chance of losing him but you also stand a chance of keeping him where as if somebody else tells him before you...
  • if you know in your heart that you truly wont do it again and that youre sorry and in love w/ him, then maybe its best to not tell him. it will cause him a lot of pain, and if your relationship survives it will take very long to repair. if it happens again, then yes, you need to let him know. dont put yourself in a sketchy looking situation!
  • ahh i dont know. basically we've been going through a rough patch and he was on a lads holiday in amsterdam this week and when my ex went to amsterdam he slept with a prostitute so i managed to convince myself my bf was going to do the same. so on saturday night i went out with my workmate and got mega mega drunk but at the time i thought that my bf must b cheatin on me thats y i did it. if i was sober i wouldnt have done it, its just drink played with my head. i know exactly what bein cheated on feels like and i cant believe ive done it to him. thats y i dont know whether to tell him or not because i know i will never ever do anything ever again so it will be unnecessesary pain for him to go through. although i think he has the right to make his own mind up. i really do love him and we r going on holiday at the end of the month so cant really split up. i know the truth wont come out unless i say something. i hate myself i really do. i love him
  • You can be told all day by people who think they know best to "TELL HIM! TELL HIM!" You are risking a lot by telling him, and honestly, you don't have to. What are the chances that he will find out the truth? Weigh your options.
  • Tell him AFTER you let him know that you're going to AA for your drinking problem.
  • No. You should not tell him unless you think he might find out. If you want to stay with him it will just cause problem and resentment.
  • If you do tell him, you risk losing him. If you don't tell him, you risk someone else telling him, then you'll most likely lose him. There are your options. Weigh them over. Then again, this question is from a month and a half ago, so I'm sure things are settled, however it may be.
  • The longer it is before he finds out, the deeper the hurt will be. And he WILL find out. Would you want him to find out at your daughter's wedding, 20 years from now? It's better that he learn it from you now than someone else later. Bliss is right: if you can't be honest, it means you don't love him, or not enough to be honest with him. I don't wish to seem cruel, but if you lose him over this, you have only yourself to blame.
  • If you love him you should tell him. Lying is never EVER good in a realationship cause you'll be constantly thinking about it. The longer you keep it from him the more likely he is to end it with you. TELL HIM!
  • if you're serious about never doing it again then no, NEVER tell him. you should think about why you did it... alcohol is just an excuse. are you happy in the relationship? are you ready to be committed? if not, then break up with him. cheating is never a good idea. you are disrespecting and hurtng him, someone you supposedly love. if you don't love him, then leave.
  • tell him because if it was the other way round you'd want to know, right?
  • tell himm immediately, and accept the consequences
  • tell him, he'd be less pissed off if he found out from you, and not from someone else later
  • Yeah, tell him--and let's go out for a drink! LMAO
  • yeah right!!!! what happens next time your "megadrunk" or the next guy you cross paths with that"means absolutely nothing to you". i dont believe once a cheater always a cheater. but to say you would never ever do it again is a lie. you never know!!
  • This one is so easy. NO!!! DO NOT TELL HIM! You will destroy your relationship if you do. He will screw around on you for revenge, he will never trust you again, he might become very jealous, and he will be very angry. Do not tell him. However, make sure you are clear with yourself that what you say above is true. Stop blaming booze and ask yourself honestly why you did it. If you really believe the 'never ever' part, then carry on with your relationship with him in good faith.
  • No. If it meant nothing forget about. My concern is that I love my wife and I couldn't cheat on her no matter how drunk I was. For this to happen - even due to masses of alcohol - says to me there is a problem somewhere in the relationship.
  • Every lie is eventually found out. Aside from the fact that I think being "mega-drunk" is a total cop out and shoddy excuse for cheating, the bottom line is you will eventually be found out. I think I would respect someone more for telling the truth and being up front about it than hiding it and finding out through some other means...either way he will find out and dump at least if you come out and tell him yourself he might forgive the very least you retain some dignity for trying to own up to your mistakes...if you choose not to tell him then be prepared when he does find out and whatever bad luck or bad consequences come from it you deserve.
  • I think you tell him. If the situation were reversed, I'm sure you would want to know. I think he has the right to decide if he wants to continue the relationship. You made a mistake, but that doesn't mean "what he doesn't know won't hurt him." If you truly love him, you tell him and apologize, on bended knee if you have to. You take ownership and face the consequences, whatever they may be. And from now on, you might want to leave the alcohol alone. Alcohol is no excuse to cheat.
  • I wouldn't tell him. IMO, telling him gets the guilt off your chest, at the expense of hurting him. Learn from this & don't put yourself in situations like this again. Then, let it go.

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