• There is a detailed article about it here: However, it is surprisingly unresearched. However, opinion seems to be that it is similar to the male prostate fluid which forms 90% of the male ejaculate, but obviously without the 10% of sperm supplied by the testes. It is probably that many women produce it, but it is only noticeable in women that produce it in a dilute, and hence rather voluminous, form. I rather like it, because it confirms that I am getting it right. Makes a big damp spot in the bed, though.
  • Mine does also what a treat that is!! Its a cum like substance that gives a lubercating feature, I hope she is a screamer too!!! As that is a bonus
  • So does mine. As said elsewhere, doctors don't know about it and no research has been done. Take plenty of towels to bed! At least one each...
  • Dr D Mchonachy's research states that large discharges of fluid from the vagina is a reaction from pressure on the prostrate gland causing the female to forcefully urinate. It is a miss conception that this is female ejaculation
  • she is squirting BIG ASS creme and you need to smear it in your face becayse she is giving you a gift of her labors
  • does it matter, It's AWESOME!!!!!
  • It's not piss. We all know what piss is.. The stuff from squirting does not taste like piss. Sorry Dr Mconachy, but you're wrong.
  • My wife squirts and it is the most wonderful thing, for her and me. I love getting her to that level of orgamsm and receiving my reward. Love the taste... Of course I love pee also.
  • Studies have shown evidence of female ejaculation in between 10 and 40% of female orgasms. However, research is being performed under the hypothesis that ejaculation can occur in all (or most) cases (as suggests the article linked in a comment by my colleague Pinkfreud-ga, which I recommend you reading too), but probably most of them in an amount unnoticeable in an area typically humid during sexual intercourse -- thus, those percentages would correspond to those women who do notice their ejaculation. According to some laboratory tests, the fluid coming out during a female ejaculation would be a substance with some similarities to male semen in its composition, produced by the paraurethral glands or Skene's glands, often called "female prostate" for its similitude in placement, structure and, given the discovery of female ejaculation, function, with the male prostate, the responsible of the production of semen. More noticeably in women -- but also in men -- these glands have also a function of sexual stimulation. They are in the basis of the so called "vaginal orgasm" (as opposed to "clitoral orgasm", opposition that is being criticized lately), and are in the physiological structure of the famous G-spot or Gr fenberg spot, the location on the vagina anterior wall which would have sensitivity to sexual stimulation. More rigorously, when that area is being rubbed -- either by a penis, finger, etc. -- the glands in touch with it are those that experiment the stimulation. Thus, the female ejaculation is more likely to occur when stimulating the G-spot. The website "Dedicated to a Woman's Sexual Pleasure & Health", publishes excellent diagrams on how to stimulate this area and showing all the anatomy above depicted -- actually, you can have more extended explanations of the issue in it -- at their page "The Female Prostate, Female Ejaculation, and The G-Spot" ( ) LINKS: The Grafenberg Area: Its Existence, Location, and Significance in Human Sexual Function ( ) Excerpt: "Another interesting discovery associated with G-spot research is the incidence of female ejaculation. In "Female Urethral Expulsions Evoked by Local Digital Stimulation of the G-Spot: Differences in the Response patterns," an article in the Journal of Sex Research by Milan Zaviacic and his colleagues at Comenius University in Bratislava, this phenomena was studied in some depth. The study was conducted with twenty-seven women; a G-spot was found in all, and ten of them experienced episodes of feminine ejaculation. The accepted theory is that the G-spot is analogous to the prostate and associated glands, as it seems to produce a fluid chemically similar to male seminal fluid. This phenomenon is one that many women mistake for urinary incontinence, although the fluid released is actually quite different from urine. This is not an uncommon occurrence, as is shown in "Female Ejaculation: Perceived Origins, the Grafenberg Spot/Area, and Sexual Responsiveness," an article in the Archives of Sexual Behavior. According to the introduction, forty percent of the participants in an anonymous mail survey of 2350 women (with a fifty-five percent response rate) reported experiences of ejaculation (Darling, Davidson, Conway-Welch 29)." From the prestigious Q&A service of the Columbia University "Go Ask Alice": "This sounds like a G-spot phenomenon accompanied by female ejaculation. With a woman who is lying on her back and has her legs spread apart, the G-spot can be located by putting your fingers inside of her between 10 and 2 o'clock, as if her vulva were the face of a clock, with 12 at the top. Move your fingers deeper inside and curl them back so that they are touching and pressing against the top of her vagina or the "back door" of the clitoris. The G-spot swells from the size of a dime to the size of a quarter and fills with fluid that is NOT urine or vaginal fluid, which spurts out of the urtethra (not the vagina) when a woman orgasms." ( ) "Now researchers believe that female cum is produced by the Skene's glands, which are located in a woman's urethra and are made of tissue that's similar in composition to a man's prostate gland. These researchers point to chemical analysis of female ejaculate that reveals the presence of high levels of prostatic acid phosphatase (a chemical secreted by the prostate gland and found in semen). This would seem to indicate that a woman's ejaculation is similar in composition to semen (only without the sperm, of course)." ( ) From women's Barnard College newsletter The Well-Woman: "Recent studies suggest that anywhere from ten to forty percent of females can ejaculate (although the latest research indicates the possibility that all women produce female ejaculate, even if they are not aware of it), however women do not necessarily ejaculate every time they have an orgasm, and the amount of fluid they secrete can range from as little as a few drops, to nearly fifteen ounces (almost two cups). The fluid itself is produced in the paraurethral (?near the urethra?) glands, also known as ?Skene?s Glands,? and sometimes colloquially referred to as the ?female prostate?. The largest of these glands (there may be as many as thirty or more) are located near the urethral orifice, and may in some cases open into the vulva, but the exact quantity, size, and placement of these glands varies from woman to woman. During sexual arousal, the paraurethral glands fill with a liquid that is a blend of proteins similar to those found in male seminal fluid."
  • Female ejaculation is a misconception. Women experience urinary orgasms all the time. When I get my partner to orgasm she usually has a strong urge to pee. When she gets me to orgasm, I sometimes go beyond the urge to pee and do so a little bit. It comes from the urethra. There is no other gland in the female anatomy that would produce any kind of different fluid in the urethra unless there was some sort of infection or disorder.
  • Welch's white grape juice
  • When a woman is having sex with a guy and she is reaching her point of having an orgasim and some people call it "Squirting" all she is doing is releasing pressure from her cervix which interacts with her getting stimulated from sex and she releases urine and a little cum. "Squirting" is just urine nothing more and nothing less. It gets blown way out of proportion in movies and on the streets but I promise you all urine is all that it is. Taste and see what its like and you will know that it is a mixture of the two. I do it all the time when I have an orgasm and it feels great to release the pressure building up inside of me.
  • Just a comment to those who fail to understand what "squirting" actually is. It's PISS & CUM, yeah sounds pretty gross but it's not much different than cum alone. I squirt whenever my boyfriend is fingering me really rough and hard and i end up reaching my overall orgasm. It feels amaziiing! I thought it was funny because he was just as clueless as you guys and he was all like "ew, that's gross" but if you think about it.. It's another way of having an orgasm, and maybe a bit of a surprise to your face also ;) your "reward" is another way to call it, hahaa.
  • i seem to squirt when i have an orgasm.. its a huge release and feels fantastic. but it makes me feel awkward because you dont know how people are going to react to it. i also have no idea whether it is urine or what. but i have alot of it lol
  • # 9. your an idiot. it is pee. im a girl i've done it. its pee. after you orgasm you get the urge to pee. every body gets it. but some times when the orgasm is too intense it makes it impossible to hold it and you just end up going there. trying to stop it from happening just makes it hurt and is usually kinda difficult to do. especially if you wanna still have to orgasm.
  • OK....Here's a question for all of you squirting "experts". What about when a woman ejaculates a thicker, white, milky substance? Is that "pee" too? Can someone explain that?

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