• not at all, its just ugly
  • I don't really judge people on a professional level. I value a good attitude over someone who knows how to present themselves as professional.
  • Does he work in a Tiki Bar? ;) I would, actually. A boss of mine once told me to always dress for the job you want. My guess is the guy in the Hawaiian shirt doesn't want a professional job!
  • No not really. If it is casual Friday definately not. If he is able to wear the hawaiian shirt to the workplace then no he's not being unprofessional. I don't think professional workplaces allow hawaiian shirts to be worn.
  • haha im gonna start a business soon so i'll answer it from my perspective. I'd probably laugh or be the guy with the shirt. Hey as long as they get the work done does it matter what they wear (within reason)?
  • I think of them lacking fashion sense.
  • No, if it worked for Tom Selleck, it could work for anyone. Unless he has a big beer belly.
  • No, but it does remind me of a used car salesman.
  • No, I'd think hey......I "think I want to meet that person" It shows they don't care what people think, I find that sort of person very confident, and I hope it rubs off on me!!!!!!!!:):) Nelson, I bet you have 3 of them in your closet!!!!!!!!!!!:):)
  • not really...there's nothing wrong with it, they just usually look tacky...but i wouldn't think of them as less professional
  • if someone wears a hawiian shirt anywhere i think of them as less professional. well maybe not professional...less qualified maybe?
  • Yes. Someone in our office has worn the same Hawaiian shirt the past two Fridays and he has been criticized by many co-workers.
  • Where I work, most definitely, but that's not allowed there anyways. If it were an outdoors type job like building houses, no. It's okay, especially on a hot summer day. But I think a Hawaiian shirt denotes relaxation and taking it easy, not something that I'd wear if I had to get my mind on work and look busy. That's why it would look out of place and "inappropriate" in most jobs. :)
  • It depends on the work place. You know, what is acceptable is what I mean. Since you said you work with Computers. I would say go for it. I've noticed they don't say too much about them in the Library where I work. But I also think that if they are worn that maybe someone should consider something in a lighter background instead of the bright backgrounds that so many Hawaiian shirts have.
  • In an office yes it's unprofessional. Digging post holes no, wear what you want or no shirt at all.
  • no, i think hawaian shirts are nice, but if your going to a meeting or something then i would go more for the suit
  • If it is a "casual" Friday and there are no dress rules for Fridays, I'd say the person loves Hawaii. If it is a Travel Agency environment, I'd say it is used as advertising. I love Hawaii so anything that would pertain to that beautiful state shows excellent taste and good judgment to me (my son lives in Honolulu)! :)
  • I wear Hawaiian shirts all the time. They are the suits of choice at least in Hawaii. Most professional businessmen wear them there. Don't see much of that here on the mainland. People are more uptight here.
  • Hawiian shirt yuck!
  • They'd be laughed off the premises in my place.
  • People always seem to need something to complain about, especially when it come to attire. But I guess it would depend on the dress code where you work.
  • They can wear what they want as long as there is no uniform/dresscode.
  • It really depends on the work environment and the company dress-code. If it's an office environment, such attire may only be appropriate if "Casual Friday" is observed. Personally, as long as all your bits-n-pieces are covered (ladies included), I could care less what people choose to wear. I mean c'mon, they're just clothes after all. In the big picture of life, does it really matter?
  • ask that of the people that work at "trader joes"
  • My work place has a very specific dress code that would not include Hawaiian shirts. HOWEVER we do have dress down days and then it would be allowed. It would not be a popular choice though, in our particular environment. I have the greatest respect for my co-workers. And no, I do not think of them as less professional when they wear casual clothes. +5
  • No. But my workplace does not allow that kind of dress so when I do see it I think that perhaps it's a special day or something. Friday's are usually jean days or we are allowed to dress for sports things, events, etc.
  • It depends on the workplace. If you're a Hawaiian tour guide, it would be perfectly appropriate.

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