• Cute. Simple. Hard working. Loves God. Loves me. Smart. Forgiving. Talented. Can't think of anymore.
  • Honest relentless Genuine Unconditional unselfish Strong Innocent Open trustworthy and last but not least. She always remembers the little things no matter what.
  • Easy... He has a kind and gentle heart He and I have so much in common that it borders on weird His incredible musical talent His sense of humor His consideration His tolerance and compassion for others He speaks his mind! His scent His beautiful long lashed brown eyes His hugs are amazing and the list could go on ridiculously for days!!
  • He rubs my sore neck. He tells me he loves me every day. His eyes light up when he sees me. He has a beautiful smile. He loves animals. He never raises his voice. He likes to talk problems over with me. He is kind to strangers. He is always there for me. He helped me through a major depression.
  • 1)he is so loving 2)he is beautiful in every way 3)he always trys to make me better even when i dont to be. 4)he never yells at me 5)he never makes me feels stupid even when i am wrong 6)he has the best smell this nose has ever come across 7)his lips are soooooo addictive 8) never pushes me to do anything agints my standereds 9)he loves me 10) isnt that enough???
  • Beauty like a flower smartest person I have ever known she brightens the room when she enters Her compassion is breath taking her passion is like none I have ever known she is funny but knows how to be serious her heart is understanding she makes me feel loved when I am upset she knows how to snap me out of it. because I know she is and will always be mine.
  • 1. She's sweet and considerate 2. We have a LOT of fundamental values/viewpoints in common 3. Same (or very close) sense of humor as me 4. I love her voice 5. I love her laugh 6. She's beautiful 7. Smells great 8. She really "gets" me 9. Not afraid to love me back 10. Loves animals (including mooing at cows) There are more... but the question just said list 10. ;)
  • 1. Its not always about her 2. Amazing Mother 3. Beautiful 4. Sexually compatible 5. Honest and loving 6. Can communicate clearly 7. Doesn't get pissy at me when I get pissy 8. Lets me do almost whatever I want to do. 9. Our differences and similarities mix well 10.Doesn't hold a grudge
  • 1 sense of humor 2 kind, caring, compassionate 3 interesting person 4 attentive, but not smothering 5 smart 6 strong, for himself, me and family 7 honest 8 hard working 9 sexy 10 truly believes I am beautiful
  • 1. he treats me with complete respect 2. he always knows how to make me laugh; even when i don't want to 3. he's gorgeous 4. he's so sweet and kind 5. he tries so hard to impress me...yet he doesn't realize i'm in awe of him. 6. he's not the jealous type, he has complete faith in me and I in him 7. he makes me feel beautiful 8. he's someone i can always feel comfortable confiding in 9. he can admit and appologize when he is wrong 10. he makes me so happy whenever i'm with him.
  • He has the dearest heart He is a wonderful father He is so smart He is so funny He is so affectionate He is so understanding He loves me unconditionally He makes me happier than I ever thought possible He has a beautiful soul He is the best man I've ever known
  • Hes cute Has sexy arms Makes me laugh His voice The way he walks The way he looks at me His sense of humor Hes hardworking His scent His style
  • He is simply amazing We have a consummate love He respects me He is hilarious He is extremely kind and caring He makes me feel beautiful He treats me like a queen He puts all others before himself He is beautiful inside and out He helps me when I am ill, he will carry me if it is needed, LOL And never complains about it.
  • feeling of security is responsible for that
  • I love the person i love because when im with him everything else doesnt matter. All my worries just disappear. And he always makes me smile and life no matter what kind of mood i am in. He makes me feel safe when he holds me and when we look into eachothers eyes it makes my heart melt and makes me feel like im floating. But this guy is my ex, but am almost 100% sure hes still has feelings for me
  • I dont have a choice I popped her out of my womb : )

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