• I always do. Most of the pumps are like that and they deliver exactly how much gas I want, no more, no less.
  • I would prefer the gas station where you pay after you pump. Have you ever prepaid for gas and had to stand in the freezing cold while the last gallon sloooowly fills to your paid amount? :p
  • Yes, I do it all the time. I estimate how much it will cost. They will give you back whatever your car doesn't take.
  • You pump..whatever you don't use up they refund..we do it all the time. :)
  • we don't have any pumps around here that aren't "pre-pay" drives me nuts when i have to go back in to pay more....or get change if i've paid too much; i just use my debit card at the pump most of the time.
  • I pay after I pump.
  • Use your debit card and pay as you go!
  • Those are the only kind of pumps that we have out here. That's why I got a gas card. So I can just swipe my card, fill my tank, and them bill me for it later.
  • well I have a pretty good idea how much gas it takes from years of pumping gas in my auto. most stations do this to keep people from filling up and driving off without paying. However I buy my gas buy having it delivered to my home once a month. I save on the pump price and since I buy a large amount I can get it even cheaper. I have a 1000 gallon tank for storage with my own pump. So I do not have to buy gas at a station unless I travel which I have not done in years.
  • I haven't seen a pump that you didn't have to pay first at in years where I just use my debit card. If I want to pay cash, I just do a quick calculation of how much gas I think I'll need and the current price per gallon and hope for the best. Right now, if I am low $35 usually covers it.
  • They are all prepay near me. If I pay cash I just have to go in then go back for my change.
  • Been doing that for 20 years. Insert credit card, select grade, pump away. Now, some stations ask for your zip code, for some reason.
  • I definitely hate the idea of this too, because I'm never sure how many dollars worth of gas I'll need. So, I've found a solution for stations that don't have card-readers built into the pump. I just give the guy working at the station my debit card or my driver's license as collateral and tell him I want a fill-up on whatever pump I'm at. When I'm done, I go in and pay.
  • This is why I have a gas card.........And another thing....go by the 10 gallon rule so that you're not getting ripped off....If the price is 3.71 9/10 then the price at 10 gallons shoud be 37.19 cents.

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