• Use the spare key or call Pop a Lock and cough up 40 bucks. I'm sorry for your bad situation.
  • You need a slim Jim and or the accessories. Sorry though, those tools are only sold to dealers, tow companies, lock smiths and law enforcement.
  • tell your wife to open her door
  • Call CAA they have all sorts of tools and can get most doors open in no time.
  • if want to do it fast.....take an iron rod......break the wind you know what to do.......
  • keep an extra key in your wallet for next time. this time, you got problems.
  • GO to the drivers side door and on the top of the door where the door and the cab meet looking at the roof side go to the door follow the door on the top moving towards the back of the truck on the top side. You can pry the door back with a long screwdriver use two and get a friend to help and with a long piece of wire coat hanger put a hook on the end of it and try to reach in to the inside of the truck with the coat hanger and try to push the door lock button. or better yet try to reach for the inside door handle, Ford makes them so you can pull up and them and thus unlocking the door. try to minimize scratching the truck. I have done this hundreds of times with fords working with them in the minning field where there is no one to help you but a coat hanger and a skrew driver. It takes time to do this but you will get it. It is easier with a friend to pry the door open just enough to get the door wedged enough to get the wire coat hanger in to pull the door handle or hit the door lock button on the inside of the door. But it costs a hundered dollars to get a Towtruck company to open it.It takes the Towtruck company seconds they have a tool that slips in side the door and presto its open. But for future reference keep a piece of wire outside the truck withh the spare tire underneath the truck keep several spare keys hidden around your truck with one of those magnetic key container keep them hidden under your vehicle in a place that only you know about. I have two keys hidden on my truck.Hide them where they are not exposed, a good place is in side the frame or where the spare tire is.All the best and good luck
  • 1-30-2017 Get some junk keys from somebody. They don't have to look anything like your key. If you have several keys, one of them will open the door. It's because there just aren't very many different ways to make a key. Then get a duplicate key made, tie it to a business card with the twistie from a loaf of bread, and tuck it in your wallet. The business card is necessary to keep the key from falling out.

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