• If you learn how to take care of it, I don't see why not.
  • Since their numbers are dwindling in the wild severely, they should not be taken out of the wild. If you want one as a pet you should get one from a breeder. The breeder will also explain the best way to care for them as they need very special care.
  • No, box turtles are endangered in most places.
  • Box turtles are protected, and you should never remove one from the wild; however, if you have removed it from the wild, don't just turn it loose anywhere. Take it right back where you found it to release it. Otherwise it will spend the rest of it's life trying to get back home, and it's life will most likely be shortened by traffic, dogs, etc. If it is not possible to take it back, then you must keep it secure and give it a good home for 125 years! (The life span of a box turtle.) Here is a link to an article I wrote about the care of box turtles: I hope this is helpful to you! :) Suzanne
  • Only if you have a wild box to keep it in. Lol:)

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