• If the letter is undeliverable, then the USPS will return the letter to the return address in the upper left corner of the envelope.
  • Sometimes the letter carrier will know the apartment number, if the addressee has been living there awhile. Otherwise, the post office will return it to you as 'undeliverable.'
  • I don't put my Condo Letter on my address. My name is the only one in the building, the post office is smart enough to be able to put my mail correctly where it's suppose to go.
  • it depends on the mail carrier whether or not he is familiar with the address. he may mark it up at the case when he is sorting the mail for delivery. or maybe he will markit up when he is out on the street. it doesnt help to use an incorrect or an incomplete mailing address. it will just get returned. or even worse be put in the wrong mail box.
  • OMG! this happeneed to me todayyy! :O i sent something to someone in florida & i live in cali. and like i forgot to put my apartnumber on the envelope and my parents don't know i sent anything out and my sister doesn't either :/ only my best friend knows! i hope they stilll send it !!!!!! :O
  • If it is the regular carrier, the person has been getting mail there for a long time, and your regular carrier is a nice guy, it could get delivered. If not all criteria is met, Elvis will be singing.

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