• No. Of course not.
  • No. I am one of those that have Asperger's. I seem almost normal. I just seem to be a bit stand-offish to some. I feel and think and care like everyone else. I just have problems with social signals from others. My intellect is fine. I function well in most circumstances. If no one told you that someone had Asperger's, you probably wouldn't know. You would just think they were a bit odd or eccentric. But nice!
  • Many of my friends are. I find I can tell because of theese friends. but they are no less of a person.. or anything STUPID like that...
  • No, it's not like it's their fault for having that, or any other disorder.
  • I've hugged my Brother-in-law who has it many times. So I guess I've held myself against someone with Aspergers. He's a good guy and we get along great. Does that count?
  • No, I'm sure everyone knows someone with it, whether they realize it or not.
  • that they have a form of autism.
  • People come here to say no, but I bet there are more people than not who would think (if not say) yes. I would know. I have AS. Most people may not mean to be so biased. They just can't help being that way. Must be all that ignorance bred into them. Fear what is different, right? But I have to admit, the average person here is nicer than the ones I'm used to living around. In fact, most of my neighbors can be likened to trolls on AB. This is not an exaggeration.
  • No, I would be very supportive and help them with their needs. People with asperegers have traded the ability to read people for the ability to very intelligent highly logical (read, high level math) decisions and problem solving. One of Asperger Syndrome's most famous cases is Bram Cohen, the creator of Bit Torrent file sharing technology. I'd suggest you hear in his own words what it's like living with the condition. Anyone who fails to be the slightest bit compassionate towards Asperger Syndrome after hearing him speak, is just an asshole to begin with. Read the introduction: Then listen to him talk: UPDATE: For those interested in this story, there is much more to listen to- "Asperger" Search "Asperger's" Search More Bram Cohen Interviews- (My "First Encounter" with Cohen)
  • I will be like, "what is that?" and then they would explain it to me. I would then say "okay, cool" and order another drink.
  • No. My friend's boyfriend has Asperger's. He's a bit quiet but pretty harmless. They have been together for years. Mind you, she is the "nurturing" type.
  • Isn't that one form of Autism.,.a rather mild form? I believe in some cases one would never be able to tell if someone had Asperger's. I wouldn't hold anything against only concern would be if the person got into some great difficulty and I would be unable to help. I don't think that is true of those with Asperger's! :)
  • Honestly? I would say no, BUT i recently had a client with Aspergers that constantly made very explicit and disgusting sexual remarks while i was trying to treat him. I had to write in a request to never be paired with him again. I just couldn't work like that, even knowing about his condition.
  • No, as a matter of fact, I find Asperger's quite a blessing. I have it.
  • I would not. When my youngest son was daignosed with AS, my wife and I did a lot of reading on the subject and found that it explained the behavior of my grandfather, mother and I. I went to a counsellor and was also diagnosed with it. So, there's a reason that I can't handle crowds and big family gatherings. There's a reason that I can't stand having my routines messed up. Although it did not change who I was, I feel much better about myself knowing that I am not just a melodramatic self-absorbed jerk. Instead, I found out that I can't help it. My son's case is worse than mine, though, so it's not all about me.
  • As person who is chronically depressed and bipolar and medicated for both, what a hipocrite I would be if I held it against someone. I will have missed a fantastic opportunity to enhance that person's life if I were that close minded!
  • My son has been diagnosed with AS and we've been dealing with it for years now. After reading so much about it, I am absolutely convinced that I have it as well. So many of my quirks fit the description to a "T". I have compassion for those who have it or live with and love someone with it.
  • no because ive seen my brother live with it and its not they're fault. you wouldnt hold it against anyone else with a disease
  • not at all.
  • No, I wouldn't. I suspect they wouldn't have to tell me, though, because I've developed a bit of an Aspie radar. My 10-year old son has it, and he is one of the most interesting people I know. He's very intelligent and creative in unique ways. He's not like anyone else. (But right now he's driving me NUTS because he's twirling around, talking nonstop to his dad about Starcraft instead of putting on his pajamas.) Because of his AS, I have learned a lot about it, and have found that a lot of it reminds me of myself. I can also look back at people I've known over the years, and in hindsight I'm pretty sure that some of them had AS. Knowing that (or suspecting it) makes me see them in a different light and respect them more. There is so much about AS that is positive and interesting. It's not a defect or a "medical condition". It's a different way of thinking.
  • I used to, i didnt understand it and thought it was weird. Then i met my fiancee and had no clue he had it until 5 months after knowing him, and i was so surprised, i felt so bad for judging others with it =(
  • In the past, I knew nothing about it. Now, having recently been educated, I wouldn't say I "hold it against" someone, but it colors my thinking of them, my mental picture used in my understanding of them. But any individual's specific single trait, examined solely in and of itself, might do color, birth order, height, etc. color's one's perceptions, I think. We make value judgments, as humans. The trick is not to de-value each other in the process.
  • No, since I have it myself. But I can understand how others might hold it against me; fear and prejudice are not rational things. +5
  • I wouldn't hold it against others, but I have been treated like sh*t since I "came out of the closet" about it. +3

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