• Ashura
  • That's a hard one especially for hardcore ninja movie fans, and it depends on whether you want a serious ninja movie or just the ninja action. In any case I'll start with the most serious stuff (keep in mind that in reality Ninja were basically spies and their skills were merely tools of trade, they were at all times entangled in political machinations). 1)Shinobi no mono (Ninja band of Assassins) there is a series of 8 movies 2)Samurai Spy 3)Castle of Owls 1967 & 2000 remake 4)The Yagyu Chronicles 1&2 5)Ninja Hunt 1964 & 1982 remake 6)Ninja's weapon 7)Shinobi the movie (2005) 8)Of course the Last Samurai has a Ninja scene thats quite realistic. 9)The Hunted 10)Finally an honorable mention to Sho Kosugi as he started it all for me (as in check out any of his movies). People tend to love Revenge of the Ninja.
  • Just off the top of my head I would say its probably "Lone Wolf and Cub" AKA Kozure Okami the 2nd Movie, "Baby Cart at River Styx". Ogami Itto ends up fighting the female ninja himself and the leader escapes! As a climax to the movie, he battles the "3 Gods of Death" brothers who are invincible bodyguards. Hope that helps.
  • chezter, you can watch it on streaming. Happy hunting!

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