• Yes it is. You either agree to it through your signature on an agreement or there is a law that prohibits you (if license is lost, etc.). You need to find an alternate way to make a living. Could still use your skills but in a different way, or use skills you developed along with specific job skills. i.e. a barber could use the people skills gained on the job in customer services/relations, etc.
  • This depends on what state you are in. Most states allow it if it is reasonably limited in geography and duration. For example, if it said you cannot work in your field within the specific county for two years, this would probably be legal in most states. One exception to this rule where is it almost always legal is if the non-compete clause if part of a contract for the sale of a business. For example, a barber who sold his shop could be prohibited from opening another shop in the same area. Some states, however, completely ban non-compete agreements (except for the sale of the business situation). For example, California will not enforce such a provision, even when the contract was executed in a state that permits it.

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