• make up a longg ya-right story, they may find it so amuzing and u looking so desperate to give you another chance. ex i was traveling over the atlantic sea big storm aproaching i hit china and a big chunk broke off. hey it worked for me (once) lol <<<hope this helps :)>>>
  • I lost my homework in the flood we had yesterday miss, and when I found it it was ruined to a messy pulp. Katie saw, she'll tell you! I used that one yesterday, and was believed with a sympathetic pat as all my maths coursework is ruined (it really is! I spent HOURS on it!) We really did flood, we were all sent home. Apparently we were meant to go back, but we didn't know. Only 50 people out of over 1000 went to school that day
  • Good answer Auntie Em but how about focus and do it in the first place.
  • I don't think i ever did more than 5 peices of homework in all my years of schooling (and still passed with good grades) Try not to come up with excuses that equal with 'my dog ate it' they just sound lame, at the very worst just root through your bag for about twenty mins then look really worried and say 'i forgot it i'm so sorry, i promise i will bring it in tomorrow' The best thing to do though is create an image where the teachers believe you did it. If you're known as being naughty etc, then they will never believe you. The best thing to do is see the teacher before the lesson and explain you couldn't do it/ left it at home/ forgot your book etc. If you can get away with it (if you hand stuff in as you leave/pass it all to the front) claim you handed it in, and then next lesson, when you don't have a mark, blame the teacher for loosing it!!!
  • Did it on the computer but the printer broke/ran outta paper/ink
  • I felt sick! I had a fever so bad that I could barely open my eyes!
  • The Dog chewed it up
  • I had a migraine and my eyes became very blurred
  • My mum threw it in the dustbin by mistake and the binmen emptied it before i could retrieve it.
  • I think computer malfunctions tend to be the most believable/legitimate, but I'd go with the old "I got shot yesterday" excuse. What teacher is going to expect homework from someone who just got shot?! I certainly wouldn't.
  • Put a text file on a floppy disk and rub it a lot on cloth or something staticky until it corrupts the file. Ask to print the file on the school computer, and make a big deal about it when its corrupted.
  • &quot;I honestly tried as hard as I could. I sat there, but I drew a blank, and I just didn't know how to do it, and no one else knew how to help me." Works well enough with the people in my english class, who always get out of doing everything. >:(
  • My dog got out and we spent the entire night looking for him... Dog got sick and we had to take him to the vet. Pets tend to be better since teachers cant call and be like, "I thought you were in the hospital"
  • I had it finished and on my way to school there was a burning building and I heard a baby crying i ran in and with fire all around saved the baby but the sad part is I dropped my homework and it was burnt up. but the baby will live damn it he will live
  • the lighting of the bright wite paper blinded me for the ful night i got my eye sight back just in time to come to school
  • I forgot how to do it.
  • my little babby brother ripped it up and pretended it was snow (actually happened)
  • I have the WORST one: My teacher's sick don't have school tomorrow. My mom is my teacher!!!
  • To busy masterbating thinking of them.

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