• American Beauty Because it's so true that everyone is so concerned about appearances (beautiful home, beautiful car, beatiful body...) that they never take time to notice "true beauty".
  • A Clockwork Orange (1971). I found it so surprisingly violent and disturbing for a movie that just came out of the conservative 1950s and 60s.
  • I would have to say A Walk To Remember. I love the message that movie brings. I love the fact that it showed that "Jamie" didn't have to change anything about herself and "Landon" loved her for her. I love the fact that "Landon" realized that "Jamie" was more than just the quiet, smart, preacher's daughter. "Landon" helped her come out of her shell and "Jamie" helped "Landon" get his life back on track and out of trouble. I also loved that this movie showed that you don't have to be the cheerleader to get the popular person, and the bookworm can get the football star. Ok, so "Landon" didn't play football. I'm just illustrating. :)
  • American Gangster, because i watched the true story on the History Channel and then watching the movie to realize that is really how bad drugs used to be and how many people lives they destroy
  • Fight Club. Well the book is even more brilliant but both even though they seem like a story about a bunch of guys beating each other up or a schizo guy, delve very deeply into the 21st century male psyche and the confusing roles we play in a modern society where we are men grown up stuck in the middle of an era just coming out of the days of the American Dream, Leave it to Beaver idealogy and a new era of equality between sexes and the new roles men play. The focus on men raised by tough guy fathers who were not around and over protective mothers and how we are the middle children of history are all fascinating theories to explore if you are a 25-35 yr old male. It makes one ask the question, what makes a man a man? What does society define as a man? Is identity formed by one's thoughts, or the things they own or the environment they exist within and man's primal subconscience urge to tear it all down and live more simple
  • "Pay it Forward", hands down. Excerpt from a blog I posted about it... "if there were ever to be an award given to a movie that has made a real impact on society, I think “Pay It Forward” would have to come away with top honors. The one little catchphrase is so ingrained in the minds of the masses, that most people would be caught off guard if you asked where it came from, or what the storyline was behind it. Yet, tonight, there it was, just as I’ve seen/heard it a thousand times or more since the movie came out. Best of all…. people are DOING IT!" You can read the entire blog here, if you like:
  • Remember the Titans (aka the most inspirational movie ever) It's the most inspirational movie I've ever seen and it taught me what teamwork was. Besides that it was a great movie and one of my favorites.
  • Contact Yea, bad graphics, space-alien theme; but the larger idea presented in the movie really got to me. The possibilitiy that the life we're in right now is just one step of many . . . part of a greater life. "Do you think there's people out there [space]?" "Well, if it's just us, sure seems like an awful waste of space."
  • An American In Paris (1951) because I want to play the piano like Oscar Levant.
  • Miracle, the greatest sports victory then and it will still be years from now.
  • 21 grams, it shows that everyone is tired together is some sort of way and that it can leave an impact on everyone.
  • The movie about the Singing Revolution in Estonia.So wonderful to see,that a small nation became independent,stopped the Soviet terror.
  • Labyrinth because I watched it repeatedly when I was younger plus Bowie lookin' damn fine and the 'bulge' . . . ahem.
  • Matrix!

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