• This parent needs their ass kicked. Nobody needs to hand out candy to any body else's kids. Period.
  • How exactly does the parent hand them out? Like stand around the entrances while waiting for their kid? Regardless public or private I don't think they should be doing this. I am a somewhat religious person myself (Catholic) but it just annoys me sometimes when other people try to push their own beliefs on to someone else...let alone a child.
  • If they are doing it on school property the school needs to put a stop to it. It is, in my state, against the law to do that on the grounds. To circumvent this they stand on the public sidewalk to hand out their bibles. Is this what is happening at your school? I think it is wrong to do it and I would tell the parent this directly and then tell staff if they continue. I also know that candy isn't going to buy my kid's souls so I don't get too worked up over it. I look at it as teaching them how to enjoy what they want (candy) and to discard the rest if it isn't of interest to them. Not a bad life lesson.
  • Definitely talk to the school about it. You're probably not the only one that has a problem with it. If the school doesn't have a policy about on campus advertising (one school in my area won't allow local sports teams to advertise try outs on the school grounds)you should bring it up at a PTA/board/superintendent meeting. If that doesn't help talk to the parent or you can teach your child to refuse the candy/fliers.
  • and do you think that the kids are manipulated at all or do you think that they just see this as free candy and nothing more. There cannot be many of them that read the leaflet first - more likely most kids will take no notice of the leaflet and think "Excellent, free sweets".
  • This is such a bad practice. Nothing like letting a kid think it's ok to accept gifts from a stranger. What is known about this person? He gives out candy several times and now he isn't a stranger anymore, no matter where one of these kids see him, like the local park or mall. Assuming he isn't a child molester, he's very arrogant, assuming it's fine to attempt the subversion of other parents' way of life. Then there's the bible quote, "Let the little children come to Me," me as in Christ. I don't think it says anywhere, "Let strangers bribe the children with candy." I'd be interested in knowing what denomination is involved.
  • Very inappropriate - aren't there "no solicitation" rules of some sort? Don't you have to get permission from the school before you approach students like this? Especially when giving out food items! With all the peanut allergies and diabetes in kids these days this is a risky action. Not to mention, it totally contradicts the "don't take candy from strangers" teachings. One of the kids inviting the other kids to his church is a bit more of a gray area, but a parent doing this is not acceptable. The school administration should be informed of this.

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