• I don't know if you're a parent or not, but I am, and I have some, and it is my experience, and my wife's experience, that parents are proud of their children no matter what.
  • Sobriety
  • Not turned out like any of my friends.
  • Married and divorced without emptying their pockets.
  • According to them (I asked them once when I was drunk): -Not being a drug addict -Never being arrested or in jail -Having a job -Never asking them for money -Being really good at what I do Apparently, they have pretty low standards. :)
  • unfortunatly nothing i could do would make them proud. mine were abusive. the rest of the family are always saying there proud of the way ive handled my life,and the way i broke the chain of abuse with my children. so i dont need thier approval anyway.
  • I got into uni...that would have to be the biggest one, but I've won little awards and got through milestones (Year 12 ball, first boyfriend, first day of highschool etc). And I'm sure there are other things as well.
  • I didn't move back home after I got out on my own. I think that was their greatest joy.
  • Fathered their one and only grandchild. Worked a full time job since the age of 17, I've never been unemployed. Worked a second job for 2 years so that I could could put almost 50% down on my first home.
  • I have graduated from College and Law School. I am about to give themm a grandchild.
  • Graduated from college twice, the second time with honors, served my Country in time of war and was almost killed several times for my efforts, worked for two major corporations in positions of trust, and most importantly of all, raised five children who became kins, loving, responsible adults. Is that sufficient? : )
  • Graduated from High school as a virgin. Now got into Uni. I bet they are proud of me now :)
  • I asked them so I could actually answer this question and they said, walk, talk, use the bathroom on my own, eat on my own, graduate, getting married, having a child, not being a total F*** Up (my father said that), Moving out and still having them in my life.
  • quit drinking and doing drugs, started my own business, got engaged, got babtised
  • Let them know parents are human and mistakes can not be avoided....
  • Quit pissing off the nuns in highschool so no more PTA meetings for them! ;-)
  • My parents recently told me that they are very proud of me and where I am now and what I am doing. I was bursting with pride like a little kid! :)
  • My father died when I was ten, and my mother is never proud, no matter what I do. I suspect this is because she never reached her own dreams and not because I am a bad daughter and not worthy of her love and respect. (If my father were alive, I'm sure he would be proud I'd become a lawyer.)

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