• Well I just started using CashCrate an hour ago, and have already made 12.00. Hopefully it works out, and cashcrate turns out to be legit.
  • Here's my video showing how cashcrate works, see the video description!
  • I honestly thought that all work online sites were scams untill I was introduced to Cashcrate. I was sceptial about joining at first but I did some research on it and came to the conclusion that I would give it a try. It was completely free to join so I wouldnt be loosing a thing. Ive been working with Cashcrate for about 30 mins and Ive already made 30 dollars and some change. All ive honestly been doing is filling out surveys the whole time. From what Ive seen so far there is no limit to the amount of surveys you can do. Theres tons and tons of pages with at least 20-30 surveys on each page. It just depends on how much time you have. Im guessing it works like this: Cashcrate gets paid by these companys to have us fill the surveys and they give us a bit of the money that they are paid. If your thinking about joining you definately should. Theres absolutely nothing for you to loose. They even pay you for singing up.. Go figure lol
  • Here's an actual report by someone who gave it a try. Judge for yourself:
  • No cashcrate sucks. It spams your email, so if you are going to use it then create a new account. Also you're redirected to multiple different sites telling you to do their surveys for money. Also personally I do not feel comfortable giving a site that spams the hell out of my email my phone number and address. Another thing I tried to complete the surveys and the majority of the time, after I entered my info it said not qualified for the survey.

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