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  • i'm not sure. that is really rude. That would show me he doesn't have respect
  • STOP TAKING NUDE PICTURES!!! 50% divorce rate-hello???
  • What ever you decide to do is fine. However, GET THE PICTURES BACK!
  • nude pics of who? you?
  • Wow that's terrible. I'd forgive him just for your own sake and then move on. You can do way better than that. I hate it when people use the "I was soooooooo drunk" phrase. Gimme an effing break he knew what he was doing. Get as far away from the BOY as fast as you can.
  • Whats wrong with sharing your body with others. Some of them may have got copies.
  • Pictures of you? Never Never take nude photos it will come back to haunt you.
  • Rule number one - Never let anyone take nude pictures of you or give anyone nude pictures of you !!! Rule number two - Never forget and strictly adhere to rule number one !!!
  • 1. Dump him. He has no respect. 2. Get rid of the chump. He has no respect for you. 3. Leave him. 4. You can't undo the damage so dump him.
  • How long have you been together? How nude is nude? And did you tell him not to share them?
  • That was not what a mature adult does. You ought to leave him on general principle. You see, those photos of you where yours and his secrets. By him showing his friends your pictures (Im assumming nude ones) he betrayed a trust you had with him. I would ask for him to delete everything he has off of his hard drives/photo negatives and tell him "it's over douchebag"....

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