• 33, it's all been downhill after that :(
  • I'm 38 and still in decent shape. I take a little pride in my physique. It ain't what it used to be, but it ain't too shabby either. I can take my shirt off and be proud. I pay the price in my weightroom, however. I definitely require more sleep these days. LOL!
  • Right now, so I guess 29. I'm starting to get a little pudgy in unwelcome areas, and after trying to play basketball with my friends a couple of weeks ago, I was basically unable to walk for the following 3 days.
  • fall apart hmm..held on until 42 pretty good
  • I was born weak and unhealthy, so I would have say the age I finally found out what was wrong with me, and started recovering, which was around 30. I will never be as energetic and athletic as I wish I could be, but when I follow my doctor's orders (and walk, walk, walk)then I feel great. I'm 65 now.
  • 17 or 18
  • I am 50 and feel as fit as ever. I have always eaten a great variety of mostly healthy foods, but in moderatioon. Alcohol, but never to excess. No smoking. Not much of an exerciser, but very active day to day, martial arts on and off (still taking on 20 year olds), walking, skiing (I'm still an instructor in the winters). Good loving. Positive attitude. I'm not planning on falling apart for at least another 20 years.
  • 17...but i've made A LOT of progress since then...much better off mentally, than i was before...
  • at 40 when I started doing the menopause thing, hot flashes, night sweats, heart palpitations,the whole nine yards, I did not take any HRT's though, I did it a la natural. Now that I'm fifty and finished menopause I feel pretty good,sometimes my hip aches a little bit and I have minor aches and pains else where, I still get through it, I'm sure a lot of my problems come from the fact that I work 2 jobs and work 15 hours a day, on most days, I'm sure that once I give up the second job, I will feel a lot better.But I don't think I look bad for my age,lol.
  • I'm 51 altho I've put a some wieght and have a few other minor maladies I don't think I'm falling apart yet. I actually feel more "together" than I did 10 years ago :)
  • That would be about.... NOW!! LOL!! :D
  • 20 :-(
  • If psychologically speaking when my son passed, I was 38.If you mean physically I will soon be 65 and everyone thinks I am about 50, but I do have a mirror and I am quite sure the very little wrinkles in my face began at 60, white hair age 38 but I have not fallen apart yet. I only hope it does not happen all at once and wake up one day looking weird. Best regards.
  • 24 seemed to be my year that weight seemed harder to keep off, my energy level went down and little lines started to appear by my eyes...
  • About 3 year's of age? +3
  • 40 but I'm putting myself back together. :)
  • 40,that's when I first needed glasses,45 now,and still only have reading glasses,but other things have taken the priority (of downfall) over my eyes,even though they were first they definitely are NOT winning.
  • When did my mind start to splinter. To be quite honest with you I would have to say my mind started to fall apart when I missed something some badly all else no longer mattered for my love for my son could be more important than me or any thing I had and it became like a longing But as I said before I had him for three weeks and it was the best. For my son needed me and I felt important, for he had a dad and I had a purpose other than to my employer or a bank. Yes the scheduling of confirmed visits have been worked out and I feel much better. Sara have I said something to offend? I was just wondering because you used to answer my questions and all of a sudden? but at any rate I would not write anything offensive but I was curious for I felt that I had done something to offend, and if I did I would like to remedy this for I might have inadvertently done this to other ABers and I wish no harm really I'm a Northern guy trying to converse with people who I would otherwise not know and, really Iam "All apologies." KC

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