• Back surgery for a bulging disc. It didn't work.
  • My mom says all surgeries are major. I've had a few...hernia when I was 3, infected lymph node removed from my neck, a few surgeries on a broken ankle to put in/take out screws and plates, had my tubes tied, had surgery for sleep apnea (tonsils, adnoids, deviated septum, the hangie thing in the back of my throat was trimmed, and the roof of my mouth was trimmed back), a c-section, a boob lift and a tummy tuck...I think that's about it.
  • I'd consider "major surgery" a surgical procedure where they had to knock you out in order to do their thing. I've only had that done once, for surgery on my left foot. I had a knot of blood vessels that had pushed to the surface of my skin and was making a painful bump on the inside edge of my heel. It was removed and it's all better now. :) Just have a big scar, lol.
  • Two cesarean sections.
  • A little over a year ago I had stomach surgery. Too many ulcers and the scars from them were blocking the pryloric valve/exit (food would not go out). I was opened up and fixed and was in the hospital 8+ days. Got infection in the surgery site and still have a huge scar where they took out the staples and let it heal from the bottom up.
  • Too numerous to count... All but one on my feet. Let's just say that few worked, and now I have no toes. (And, we've figured out that if a bone is cut, I get a calcium cloud that causes pressure from inside, so they have to go at the joint.) The ONE was repairing my knee... I fell, tearing the quad tendon (think thigh muscle) from my kneecap (super deep squat when not prepared did it.) Wore an external fixator (think solid towel rack screwed 2 places into the thigh and two places into the shin) to keep it straight for about six weeks, then in a bendable splint to hold it straight, then allow 30 degrees, then 60 degrees, then 90 degrees, with physical therapy throughout. That's where it sits, right now... I can bend my knee about 90 degrees. But, I can still walk a little.
  • I had gall stones since 1996 & didn't that I had them since I was only 22 at the time. It wasn't until I was on my knees in pain in 2005 that I had my gall bladder removed. It was so bad that I was in there for a week because the stones were in my pancreas so I had pancreatitis & my liver was failing. My brother died in 1995 @ 31 from liver failure so everyone was so scared. I was so yellow I looked like a banana. I had to hide my fear because my son (12) & daughter (2) saw me & started crying when they saw how yellow I was. I had 3 surgeries while I was in there to get the stones out of where they shouldn't be (my pancreas & liver). That was scary.
  • wisdom teeth out..all 4 at once other than that nothing very lucky
  • I have has 2 c-sections 16 months apart. After the 2nd c-section they could not get the meds to work (broken pump) so I felt everything. They finally were able to get meds in me an hour later. Worse pain in my life and I have had natural child birth w/ no meds at all. But the recovery from a c-section is by far the worst out there at least so far for me.
  • I don't count all of the tooth extractions where they just used novacaine. But, when I had my impacted wisdoms out, they put me under. That would be the 1st "major" surgery, I suppose. Then later that same year (I was 17) I had my jaw reconstructed (I had a severe underbite and my teeth were not aligned correctly). That was after 5 years of braces! When I was 39, I had an Endometrial Eblation, and when I was 42 I had a partial hysterectomy.
  • Left foot, reconstruction of toe. Right foot, reconstruction of a bone. Left knee, removal of cartilidge. Right knee, removal of cartilige. Wisdom teeth (if that counts), stitches in my chest from gun shot and knife wound (though not put to sleep for those). Everything else is minor I'd guess (reset and stitching of nose, minor fractures in left foot and right foot, several fingers, self taping of serious cuts that should have had stitches). The usual.
  • Nothing serious, I had a Tubel and a DNC thats all
  • when five, had eye surgery on right eye.
  • Yep..only one..Hysterectomy! I'll bet you're glad you know that about me, aren't you my friend! :)
  • Do you consider wisdom teeth removal surgery, broken arm repair surgery or an appendectomy major surgeries? I don't so i would have to say no!
  • I had my Wisdom teeth removed. >_> Big one, I know.
  • I had a cephalectomy and now I need to get ahead. ;)

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