• Although employed by the company, HR (Human Resource)is a profession. They SHOULD be polite, conduct an exit interview, and provide you with termination paperwork. No more, no less.
  • In my experience it depends on what you are being fired for. The most common form is for companies to cover their butts so they usually do 1 of 2 things; if it is theft related they do an investigation and put you on leave with no pay. They usually never ask you to come back to work. if it is for performance related things they usally wait until a Friday and let you go right when your shift ends. Very rarely in big corporations is it done in a mean or aggressive way due to lawsuits. Most times you are met with performance reviews or evidence that you are not up to snuff and explained to that you are not making the cut or that it is not a good match (you and the company).
  • probably different ways like you said
  • Well, I've witnessed FBI escorting people out of the building, but that wasn't your typical business scenario.
  • I was told when I fired somebody that I had to give them at least two write ups first so we wouldn't have to pay unemployment. After that I just told them what I wanted if they didn't measure up I'd cut their hours and they'd quit. It's just easier but then I was never a good manager.

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