• I've been to Kefalonia, a greek island. Absolutely beautiful. People are really friendly. Lovely scenery.
  • Went to Santorini last year and it was fantastic. Beautiful location, fantastic beach, the locals are very friendly and welcoming. Restaurants and bars are great. Day trips were excellent.
  • i live about 200 miles from greece and visit often...gorgeous
  • I live in Greece. Life never gets boring down here :-)
  • I have been once before and LOVED it and am going again next month. So much to see and do.,..
  • OH, I LOVED IT. Even more so this time. People , food, wine--all wonderful! :-) Corfu--awesome beaches and views Katakolon--quaint and quiet Olympia--wow--talk about timely history & antiquities! Athens--even nicer the 2nd the plaka area Mykonos--party central!!! Rhodes--my favorite surprise. I spent all day inside the walled city. Santorini--well, magnificent from wine to views to foods. I could live here. :-)
  • Yes, four times. If you go with the attitude that Greece is not the most high tech country on the planet you will have a great time. A whole lotta stuff to see. And save some time for night life. Greeks love to go out at night. Even if they don't have any more to spend. Beaches, Eastern European and Middle Eastern foods, Movie theatres with the original language(Greece does not dub films, they just use sub titles), lots of little islands to just visit and walk around. Tons of sports like rock climbing, hiking, biking, swimming etc. Clubbing at night for the young and taverns for the more mature. I Cr 13;8a

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