• Uh... yeah, don't go, what he's doing is VERY ILLEGAL!
  • (smacks self in side of head 3 times)... for real?? How the hell did you get roped into that?? That's not right. it's not legal. and why the f%ck would you work at Pizza Pizza? reach for the star at least and go to 7-11
  • no no. that is illegal. He must pay you.
  • Guys I volunteered for the volunteering though so it's not illegal still is it? Because I said I'd try and show him I can work.
  • I disagree with most of these responses, and I say that if you haven't filled out any federal or state employment forms and work voluntarily then he doesn't owe you anything, and anything he does give you is charity. Employment requires documentation, which you don't have. You are free to donate your time and energy if you want to, and he is free to accept it if it doesn't affect payroll accounting. Your decision to prove your worth as an employee has either succeeded, in which case you will be offered employment that pays at least a minimum wage, or failed, in which case you worked for nothing and the manager is not required to either pay you or hire you.
  • Regardless of whether it's illegal, why would you? There are plenty of jobs for teens that pay. Don't let this guy take advantage of you. His hang up with teens is HIS problem.
  • I feel bad for you, jobs must be really scarce where you are. Did that woman finally call you and tell you that you didn't get the job? After two or three days, he should have an idea if he wants to keep you on. Either he will hire you or not. How in the world can you do well at a job if you did not get any training.
  • I would go to him directly and ask him if you are going to be offered the job. You have shown him you are willing to learn and you have given him 3 days free of charge to see for himself. If he does not pay you, well, you did say you would volunteer to do the job, right? You have donated enough of your time to prove yourself. If he can't make a decision to hire you based on that...then it is time to cut your losses and move on. So, no, don't work for free anymore...unless you work for me :)
  • What YOU are doing is NOT illegal.
  • If he doesn't pay you go to the state labor board, Pizza Pizza will be in a world of sh*t. You should be paid a fair wage for a days work...IT"S THE LAW.
  • No way. He's getting free labor off of you. Why would he pay you if you give it for free. Tell him since he likes your work, he can hire you.
  • you need to get paid for doing it, its not fair for him not to pay you

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