• You don't want to do that.
  • You run in, pick up stuff, and walk out shouting "I'm a complete eejit"
  • Grab something and run out the front door.
  • If needs must, just be discreet and do it. Dont keep looking around. You can always put lots of stuff through the checkout, get your check book out and say you have forgotten your bankers card. they may take it and it can then bounce, so in effect you have stolen from them
  • What do you want to steal? An orange, a gass grill, a semi full of merchandise, a days worth of international receipts?
  • i bet they have their own jail in arkansas...and its like a southern stereotype, oh wait-you would like that-huh?
  • Depends on what you want to steal. I must admit I once semi-on purpose stole from the photo department. I just left the envelope in the cart, the girl assumed I had already paid and I didn't speak up. I am still wracked (sp?) with guilt over it.
  • Where did all your money go.

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