• My backyard!
  • I have a city nearby that I like to go to called Salem Massachusetts. I also like to haunt cemeteries of the towns I visit and live in.
  • Here. Where else? Did you miss me khammer?
  • My house! :)
  • Bookstores.
  • oaks crossing on the brazos river
  • Old Town in Orlando FL. It's about 80 miles from where we live but we like to take the 70 Chevelle SS out for a cruise. All the old cars hang out there & the shops are on a brick paved street w/ lots of stores that you would have seen in the 1950s. Then the Cruise is the best part...all of the old cars line up & take a cruise around the streets & all of the people there are lined up yelling & taking pictures & video of the cars. I hate to brag (not really), but when we pass the spectators, we get A LOT of attention. There's not many Chevelles there. Lots of old Camaros (which is my next venture). I start drooling when I see a 1970 or 1968 Camaro. They also have a small theme park there where I can take my 4 y/o daughter on some rides while my hubby is talking "car talk" w/ all the other enthusiasts.
  • houses with friends or parking lots and cars or parks [but there aren't many parks anymore]
  • the recreation center. that place is FUN.
  • Either my balcony or my boyfriend's apartment. It was the coffee shop where my boyfriend works, though now that I'm going out with him I like, never go anymore unless it's to see him. Also, in front of the video rental store at the ice cream parlour, or Tim Horton's. Yeah it's uh...kinda redneck around here. Also, the Wilson Falls, though you have to pay to go, so sometimes we go in there at night. XD

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