• For me it would be something like "That is totally illegal, and if the practice does not cease, I will be contacting the local authorities to discuss the matter with you further."
  • You do have windowshades, don't you? Then this isn't really a problem for you. It's slightly possible that he's an amateur birdwatcher. Or do you have a neighborhood watch organization? Is there a neighborhood association? Perhaps this could be brought up there. If not, a sneaky way to address this might be to get him a Field Guide to Birds, with a note like "Good luck with all your binocular-watching!" It doesn't have to be signed. If he is doing anything nefarious, that could nip it in the bud.
  • call the police on him.
  • Well, you really can't tell him to stop, especially if you don't have proof that he's doing something damaging or illegal. But if it really makes you feel uncomfortable, thick curtains are your best friend :)
  • It really depends on his reason for his behaviour.
  • as long as he's not peering through YOUR window, I see nothing wrong in that. I do so myself often, when looking at the birds in my garden
  • I've done that when trying to see how easy they are to focus and how powerful they are. I usually stand on my deck though. I'd see how much he does this and what direction he is looking. Maybe towards birds??? If he makes you feel uncomfortable, I would tell him I noticed and wonder what there is in the neighborhood to be watching. Some of my neighbors do a lot of looking out of their windows. We know because they can tell you everything that happens in the neighborhood.
  • My sister had the same problem. She wrote ''EAT SH*T on 3x5 index cards and taped one in every window on that side of the house. She never sees the guy looking anymore yo...
  • If he's looking into your house then get a pair of binoculars yourself and look right back at him! That should put the wind up him!
  • The next time you see him ask him what he's looking at.
  • Walk around the house from time to time carrying a large kitchen knife or saw and cover yourself with fake blood. See if he gives a response. Ok, don't do that if you don't want to, it could be quite harmless, but I would be concerned, especially if I was living with relatives. Also, does he look like he's being sneaky, peering from behind curtains and stuff? If I was to use binoculars, I'd rather do it out in the open in case people suspect me.
  • Yes,if he's looking in houses.I had a neighbor that actually told me what room of my house I was in and asked questions about it!He also told me that he could see in the neighbor's bathroom window acroos the street.My husband had a word with him and he moved out a few months later ;)
  • I would yell, look at this, then turn around and moon him,or shake your snake at him and maybe he will stop.
  • First of all, aren't peeping toms against the law or something?? What I would do the next time I saw him, would be to get a pair of binoculars and look right back at him. You may find out he is bird watching, but if he sees you, then he will know you are on to him, and hopefully stop it. Good luck!
  • I would kinda be concerned because that is very stalker-ish. You really shouldn't say anything, it could possibly just lead to a very awkward conversation and if he is doing that, he is probably not someone you want to talk to. What I would do, is make sure if I am in the room or its a personal room to always make sure that your blinds or shades are closed, so then he has nothing to see. And with nothing to see he will hopefully stop trying.
  • Yeah.... that freaks me out and I don't even live next door to the dude
  • If you are positive that he is peering into people's lives, definitely call the cops. You never know, he could be bird watching.
  • I'd get a catapult
  • I'd get a rude sign and hold it up.
  • you could do what my neighbor across the street does to the guy that lives two houses down from me, If she sees him looking at her, she smiles and haves like crazy! He closes the blinds real fast!
  • report him

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