• Definitely cheer. I cheer from my couch too!
  • I cheer like a fool. Win or lose.
  • I cheer when good plays are made, but I'm not "rabid", (tho' I wish I was a better fan). P.S. Go RANGERS, LoL!
  • Sit quietly. Odds are good that unless it's the Super Bowl I prolly don't wanna be there anyway. My sister on the other hand is a freaking face painter. Lawl
  • Always cheering
  • CHEER for the nationals and talk/try to frustrate the visitors team batters in the on deck circle... Works sometimes... back fires others like when Bonds hit a homerun 2 years ago and then just pointed at us after he touched home plate going back to the dug out.... LOL something my 3 boys will never forget!!! Last year he was a little more friendly and took batting practice.

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