• that is a good size for a hallway to get to your bathroom, your problem is a toilet will take aprox. 30" off the wall leaving only 7" for leg room and path to walk by to shower which would need to be at the end of hall, if the door is in the 8' wall and toilet could go in one end and shower in other that would be best or put toilet sideways it will take up less room aprox. 20", I think it can be done but it's tight and don't forget door swing, swining out may be a option or a pocket door, the sink will take the least room and should not be a big problem
  • 9-6-2017 Bathrooms are never smaller than 5' x 7' because you just can't squeeze those items into a smaller space. The typical toilet is about 32" and you have to have 24" floor space in front of it, so that takes you out to just less than 5'.
    • mushroom
      Maybe *new* bathrooms are that size, but in the olden days anything was possible. At least if you're under 200lbs.

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