• I dont know man. I think its kinda racist to think that way. However, I also think its kinda weird when it happens. As for the beauty, or attractiveness, I dont think it really matters if the two like each other for who they are. Try not to follow the advise of just anyone. That could lead to some serious trouble. Lol. I think it is up to the couple itself to determine if what they are doing is good or bad, and most of the times, if love exists, it will be good for them and they should be let alone. Dont you think?
  • Thats stupid, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What one guys things is unattractive another maybe head over heals. As for the different ethnicities thats a whole different things. It would be just like someone judging a white guy with a black girl.
  • Because some of them are ignorant and racist. I'm a beautiful white girl and I would marry a black man.
  • Someone lied to you. most men do not care who your with. some have problems with interracial couples but for the most part what the people look like is rarely an issue.
  • No, they seem pretty cool over here. I seen tons of black guys with gorgeous white girls.
  • If its true and I think it is with some people its because they are jealous that someone has soemthing that they dont. Like if a lady dumps her man for another guy and he drives a mercedes the ex would be pissed but if he drove some piece of crap that would be ok because he woudl be saying that she dumped him for a loser. The same is with Sexy White women (which I prefer) if he gets dumped for me or some oher brotha he is going to be pissed. All this might not be racist, I personally dont care cuz I will do what i am gonna do but I think it is more out of insecurity that she has got something better then he cant give her.. A fine Black Brotha
  • That's ridiculous. Don't listen to them. Most men (regardless of race) don't particularly care who another man is with (regardless of race.) If he is with a gorgeous girl (regardless of race) he gets guy-points for having scored a good one. If he is with an unattractive girl (regardless of race), he gets guy points for simply having scored one, but fewer than if she were pretty. I don't think I know ANY men who judge who another man ought or ought not be with on the basis of race. Most men simply aren't that racist.
  • most white guys don't care, only the racist ones do. thankfully they're a minority these days and their numbers are getting smaller all the time ;)
  • Diverse population in alaska,hawaii islands,hope all people would be viewed as their relationship no one elses business.
  • If he makes an issue about it and tries to make it racial and is picking on me it does bother me, however if he is a human being I do not care. I have had many women tell me they only want black men which is odd since they are drinking a beer with me. That usually ends the conversation as I know I am out of the loop and see no point to waste time money and resources on a dry well.
  • You guys dont really know unless you are in that position. So unless your a beautiful white girl dating a black man or a black man dating a beautiful white girl or a ignorant white man that is mad about a beautiful white girl dating a black man...I guess you cant really give a good answer to the girl.
  • nooo....i am a white guy who is more endowed than most black, it is sooooo not a problem for me.....take care.......Brian.....
  • It's White man insecurity, that's all. They talk about being "against racism" but you can really test out any person by walking them by a Black man and White woman. Or a White man and Black woman. It's nothing to do with attractiveness. More to so with personal issues. Just as women with small breasts feel insecure next to women with voluptuous breasts.

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