• I have no idea anymore. I've had the same thoughts.
  • I only give questions Points if i think they deserve it. But you do have a point.
  • i know what you mean. haha. i asked "what is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast" and i got 2 answers five minutes later someone asked "what is your FAVORITE breakfast" and they got around 40 answers. i guess we're not cool man haha. aw well. it's all good.
  • it seems the silly questions get points...have no idea why...or that person had a lot of friends giving them points...
  • i like the "who wants to congratulate mary poppins for being named mary poppins?.........800 points later. then they duplicate it, and answer it again!
  • I've never understood that myself. Maybe it's because everyone can answer something like that salad question...
  • ++ its all I can do
  • It appears to be the usual gang mentality. If they like you they can have each of their friends either gang up on you or all pat you on the back! Tell me does it matter how many points you have? Do you get any other benefits from having a higher point total? Why would anyone want to down rate you! I guess there are some really twisted people on this forum!
  • lol thats true ive been trying to figure that out too, but i just cant
  • I didn't give the salad question any points. Maybe they liked it because it lacked controversy.
  • Bitter? No. I think alot of things are messed up! It's like you give a nice decent answer and someone DR it. What's the point?.......(no pun intended):)
  • some questions are deserving and some .. like you mentioned .. get a ridiculous amount of points and are not so deserving. As you move up in the ranks your donations become greater and I'm going to wager that it pays to have friends in high places .. If points are your thing that is. I'm not particularly interested in points unless I spend time to think up a .. in my opinion .. quality answer or question. Even then though, I would much prefer to share what I know with those seeking knowledge. that's more rewarding than points that are not worth the paper they're printed on.
  • Yeah I know! Someone recently got - last count - 48 points!! For some whiny ass question.... Hehehe! Just being silly :) Coz I've wondered the same thing...... +2
  • I've tried it both ways and get no answers for either!! And a couple of my questions were really valid and I was needing answers. Who knows.
  • No, yours is a valid question. I think some questions just seem simple to answer and strike a nerve with a lot of people as a popular topic. +++ for you toward your 800 point question!! :)

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