• When you run the program, it will try to "locate" the device (razr). This can only occur if you have connected the USB cord between the phone and the PC. The Cell must be powered on. If the Software does not "see" the phone immediately, try leaving the cell connected, but power down then power up the phone. If this does not work, leave the cell turned on, and go to the Start menu. Select Start/Control Panel/Add New Hardware. Follow the prompts and see if the PC can "Locate" or "Install" the cell phone. This should help you along. Even though all Motorola Razr's seem the same they have been manufactured and programmed in many many software and internal hardware configurations. You may have to contact the Software manufacturer to see if you phone is supported. Under the battery cover is a plate/label withe the official model number and seriel number of your phone. Do not confuse these with the IMEI number of your device, which is the unique electronic fingerprint of your device.
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