• Exercise at least an hour.
  • Walk/run a few miles.
  • I workout, not everyday...but usually every other day.
  • I breathe every day, it keeps me healthy and living.
  • smile :) that makes me feel healthy anyway :P
  • Take a multi-vitamin tablet and drink lots of water everyday :)
  • Oatmeal for breakfast, fruit for lunch, plenty of water, hot tea and a big portion of veggies with my dinner. Oh and visits to the gym and yoga!
  • Exercise.
  • I try to eat healthy.
  • Workout
  • I eat six small healthy meals a day as opposed to 3 big ones. It keeps you metabolism going all the time and keeps you energetic. I also make it a habit to make it to the gym everyday. Some days I do cardio others I do weight training.
  • I run to the pub :)
  • I am now on a salad diet, so I do not gain too much weight.
  • ... here are several things ... I do Baoding Ball exercises for the blood and bones. I do Chi Kung and Chi Nei Tsang exercises for the blood and bones. I meditate. I alter my body temperature frequently ... both with an exercise pair called "Dragon Fire in Ice Storm" which induces a high fever followed by near hypothermia ... and just in the shower where I go from water that is as hot as I can stand it to as cold as I can stand it, back and forth several times ... This will stun the germs and viruses that enter us with every breath and every swallow. They are trying to find a constant temperature in our body so they can adjust and then multiply at their maximum rate. The frequent and extreme temperature changes will slow or even stop their reproduction so the human immune system can wipe them out while their numbers are still low. I know which foods and which herbs and spices cause which types of slight physiological changes and I "season" my meals based on the weather of the day ... there are four basic types of seasoning groups, those for when it is hot & dry, hot & humid, cold & dry, and cold & humid ... using the right seasoning for the right weather will help the body adjust so the weather will not be a physical problem ... "Seasoning is NOT the same as flavouring!!!" I avoid all forms of dairy products ... although dairy is extremely nutritious, milk contains a small amount of genetic material that is supposed to help turn the young into the adult ... the problem is that humans are not bovines ... when a human consumes cow milk, the tiny bit of bovine genetic material will actually try to turn the human into a cow or bull ... because humans do not have the corresponding genetic material to complete the reaction, they do not become bovine, but it does cause a minor problem by interfering with the human immune system ... so, milk consumers get sick much easier than those who do not consume any dairy at all.
  • i drink a lot of water.
  • I used to exercise in winter but in summer I get so lazy but I do these neck exercises after gettin up from bed
  • I pet my dogs a whole lot...that is supposed to add years to your life, right? :) I also bring my lunch to work everyday as opposed to going out.
  • Walk? Haha
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Cook my own food.
  • i do 20 push ups in the morning and another 20 at night and run up and down my stairs
  • Stay physically active, whether I am walking around at the work facility, taking the family dog for a walk, staying fit in my home gym, go hiking, bike riding and etc.

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