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  • I only cry about once every ten, I guess I'm not a woman that fits into this sterotype..nor is "my man" the sterotype of a man who makes a woman cry.
  • If my husband makes me cry and it's something that's actually his doing and not just me being weird, I like for him to admit what he did, that it was wrong, and apologize. Sometimes there's a little more talking, but usually just an apology with a hug and kiss and all is forgiven.
  • Well my boyfriend does make me cry, and i like what he does afterward. He tells me he is sorry and didnt mean to do it, he tells me he loves me and usually he is on the verge of tears if not crying as well because he hates it when im not happy. especially when im not happy with him. He does whatever it takes to make me smile and then we talk about the situation for about thirty minutes... then all is well.
  • It helps when he: 1) Stops the behavior that made me cry 2) Appologizes
  • If he acutally did something, not just me being emotional =p ) all I need is a sorry and it's over.
  • Serious answer: I don't usually make women cry. But if I did, I suppose I would just apologize and talk about it. Joke answer: I would slap her and tell her to get her ass back to the kitchen before I really give her something to cry about.
  • i would want him to give me a sincere apology when he's ready if he wants to be on good terms with me again.
  • I do not always think it is the person's fault if their partner cries. People just have different ways of coping with being hurt. Some women/men leave the room while others just cry. The partner cannot help it if their partner cries easily - of course they would feel bad about it, but what can you do?
  • I just do whatever I can to make it right. Its a terrible situation to be in.
  • First, he has to know what he did wrong. If he doesn't know, then it is my responsibility to help him understand. That's just basic communication in a marriage. Once he gets it, he always feels badly. I don't need anything more from him than a sincere apology, which he offers without reservation. After that, we put it in the past, where it belongs. +5
  • Forget them and find someone else.

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