• 12, 13, 14 yr olds being charged as adults for crimes they commit.
  • There are billions of people who lack the very necessities of life, such and adequate food and clean water.
  • Both of the above, but also wrongful imprisonment, homelessness, that there is no real free societies, that politicians get paid for messing stuff up - pretty much general inequality... i really really hate that.
  • Wars,occupations,and the forcing of one countries ideals on another,weather it be by economic sanctions or invasion.
  • The fact that governments have everyone convinced that nationalism, and thus sovereign nations are good ideas. In a world where anyone could conceivable communicate with anyone else anywhere; and products could be shipped from any one part of the globe to any other part of the globe over night, the only thing holding us back from a one-world-government, and thus world peace and the end to starvation, poverty etc. are those in power who stand to lose it if that ever happens. Also the citizens who cannot see the forest for the trees. Oh, and religion.
  • Meanwhile, in a related issue it’s entirely unjust that Planned Parenthood, who is designated as a non-profit, reported $114.8 million in profit during their last fiscal year. Ready for the kicker? $336 million went to them through government grants and contracts. That’s right… our tax dollars. Every one of us “gave” to Planned Parenthood whether we wanted to or not, so that they could help mothers kill their unborn children while making tons of money in the process.
  • Wars. Fought for the greed and power of a few. Wars made for 'facts' that clearly have no basis in reality. Wars that wipe out entire generations of young people and sap the economy to fund them. I would sooner see health care and education funded. Instead, those causes are sapped right along with everything else to fund these awful conflicts.
  • The sexual exploitation and slavery of children.
  • The inequity of the division of wealth, as always.
  • The fact that we still kill each other.
  • Opinions of injustice is often based on personal expriences. There are many injustices that need to be corrected-homelessness, starvation, genocide, slavery. To me the greatest injustice though is realizing that something needs to be done yet people just say what the problem is and dont try to fix it or help causes that fight agianst the said injustice. Many people have a 'do nothing' attitude and I think if that mentality would change and each person would fight for the cause they believe in we could make the world a better place!
  • That you have to be rich to have true power.
  • Illness, when there is a cure. Hunger, when there is a fast-food place around the corner. Occupation, when your land and home are right in front of you, and you can't go near them, because you have no control over your situation. Having a child killed and calling it " an unavoidable consequence of war". A child losing his/her mother and calling it an "unavoidable consequence of war."
  • Oh my .... there are so many! I do believe the greatest would be the fact we have some humans so overweight while thousands will die of starvation today. That is not a just world.
  • Governmental interference in the economy...
  • Mass ignorance.
  • Double standards. That somehow the rules that apply to everyone else, don't apply to you.
  • Ignorance. Every problem in the world is a product of the "evil doers" environment, and every evil act no matter how unspeakable is justifiable. Think of a serial killer's anti-empathetic biology mixed with a completely f**ked up upbringing. Now think of people who are content with their surroundings that choose to ignore everything in a ultimately failed attempt at keeping things the way they are for them. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." -I forget
  • The USA election. One candidate seems to have gotten away with criminal charges because they were inept.
  • nobama

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