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  • It can be mentally addictive. If you smoke it everyday I'm sure you will become those things but if you do it in moderation I'm sure you'd be fine.
  • It doesn't make a person stupid, unmotivated, or depressed. Although, it's common for people with depression to smoke marijuana as an escape. Marijuana is not chemically addictive, as say, heroine, but it can become mentally addictive and interfere with other things (school, job, family). Healthwise, long-term marijuana use can cause respitory issues and a weakened immune system. Other studies about the long-term health consequences are inconclusive.
  • i think that this is a good question. i don't think people think that it can be addictive as it is, because as someone has already said it's a psychological addiction. i think because the drug is so accepted in some areas that when teens and young adults begin smoking it is hard for them to stop because of this idea that you "can't" technically get addicted. I've worked with people though that are trying to stop...its addictive. Same way if you turn to alcohol when you're stressed, its a coping mechanism, and smoking pot begins the coping for some...but i've seen both sides addiction and people who smoked through graduate school i'd just be careful! (duh ;)good luck!)
  • It doesn't make a person unmotivated or stupid. Sometimes I had increased productivity and attention. Marijuana is addictive. Besides a psychological addiction, heavy smokers have a nicotine-like addiction. Source: Marijuana Withdrawal as Bad as Withdrawal From Cigarettes; Study Could Potentially Help Clinicians Treat Marijuana Addiction. from Ascribe Higher Education News Service (Jan 24, 2008)
  • People can become very slightly physically addicted and certainly psychologically addicted to marijuana. Heavy, chronic users can face withdrawal issues such insomnia, anger, anxiety, and nightmares. Recent studies suggest marijuana addicts go through the same type of withdrawal as nicotine smokers. I have a blog about marijuana addiction at Check it out for more information - read the user comments!
  • long-term effects of marijuana do include decrease in higher-brain functions, depression, and other changes. however, while NOT PHYSICALLY ADDICTIVE, it is definitely mentally addictive.
  • I used to smoke it everyday heavily for over a year and a half and it has definetly made me lose some of my creativity and sharpness. It did more harm than good to me...despite me thinking the opposite.
  • it will make you stupider yes lazier but not depressed deffinatley not depressed
  • Watch this video. You will find more answers than you expected within it!
  • What a load of bollocks, i smoked Marijuana often for 4 years, and then i just stopped! absolutely nothing changed for me appart from the fact it made me appreciate everything around me far more. Music especially. Okay it can be mentally addivtive, BUT NOT IF YOU ARENT RETARDED!!!! smoking it heavily everyday of course will do some sort of damage. but then people die everyday from tobacco use or alcohol use. when was the last case of death from Marijuana ... oh .. there wasnt!!!
  • I smoked Cannabis from the age of about 14 to the age of 23, I was most definetly addicted. I was a heavy user who smoked almost every day. If I didn't have weed I would constantly think about it, and then end up buying it anyway. It got to the point were even when I smoked lots of it at a time, I didn't really feel any kind of pleasure at all from it, and I just did it because my life was rather empty. The effects it had on me were huge, I was lazy, paranoid, un-motivated, couldn't communicate with people properly, had not ambition, gave me spots, made my skin terrible, I put on weight and it generally made me a depressed loser with mental health problems. Since stopping smoking it, and finally being able to quit the change has been huge, I look better, I feel better, I went to University and got a Degree, I'm motivated, ambitious and don't suffer from depression half as much as I used to. Cannabis, like all drugs is horrible and negative, I would strongly advise not going anywhere near it. I lost 7 years of my life to being a pot head. Thank God that I managed to turn things around eventually, but it wasn't easy.
  • It can make a person depressed, but those instances are few and far between. Anything that you take into your body can affect the way your body behaves and depression is a simple chemical imbalance. It is not physically addictive, but you can develop a mental addiction to anything.
  • I am writing to you as an retired narcotics officer. The ones that say they are not addicted are! Yes one gets lathargic(lazy) and when mixed with any other medications the effects are devastating.My own brother smoke pot for eight years and laughted at me. He attempted suicide twice! He mixed it with anti-depressants; then had to take pain killersafter an injury; then he needed to drink. Now he is i a mentalhospital as sczophrenic! I may seem too direct but I know from myn job and from personal experience that taking anything to make oneself feel beter destros lives.
  • In biology in college, my teacher told us that it weakens the connections in the brain. The calm feelings that come from smoking it cause the connections to become separated a little and long term use keeps the separated more than normal. He may have told us that to scare us...but I believed him.
  • Marijuana effects parts of brain, which influence pleasure, memory, thoughts, concentration, sensory and time perception and coordinated movement. Long term use of marijuana ends up having severe effects on one's mental health. It, in turn, affects one's social life and can end up making one depressed and unmotivated. If you are still not sure, check out and their extensive knowledge resource, providing information on all type of drug abuse, including marijuana abuse. They also provide help in locating a suitable treatment option.
  • Let me start by introducing myself. I am 34 years old, have two masters degrees (one in computer science and the other in communications), and I work as a computer engineer. I have 2 wonderful children (one 13 year old boy and one 8 year old girl) and a beautiful wife. Also, I do not mean to brag, but I make about $98,000 a year. I have a nice house, a dog (black lab), a Range Rover, and a BMW. What was the point of me telling you that? I have smoked marijuana since i was about 14 years old and I still do. Does it look like it made me unmotivated and stupid? Nope, I do not think so. I worked very hard as a full time student, father, and employee. I just enjoyed getting into bed at night, relaxing, and smoking a little bit of marijuana. AFTER taking care of all my school work, job work, and of course, my children. Maybe marijuana does make some people lazy. Not me, I could not STAND to be lazy and not do anything. I always have to be involved with something productive, and I like the feeling of accomplishment. In fact, often times when i smoke marijuana, I become more focused and creative (which is great for computer engineering). So please, before coming on here saying all kinds of negative things about marijuana, do some REAL scientific research from reliable sources (not google). Oh yeah... I have to ask... have YOU ever even smoked marijuana??

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