• Has this be diagnosed, if so yes, namely for his safety and your daughters. Although you could try physical activity for you son. As he gets older you can rethink about the medication and continue with a physical activity regiment. Martial arts maybe a idea.
  • It is not that uncommon for kids of that age with extreme ADHD to be placed on medication. Some say it is dangerous, but their own behavior can be even more dangerous if left untreated.
  • If he is uncontrollable then yes also for his own happiness. It is very frustrating for a child to be out of control. You may want to try behavioral therapy first however depending on how severe the situation is.
  • There are cases were medication may be needed, but you should also look at diet, supplements and creating a very stuctured enviroment. There are a wide range of possible approaches for ADHD things such as ear seeds (auricular therapy), to effect of food dyes and additives to the use of fish oils. Many of these need to be directed by an alternative medicine speciallist and should be discussed with your doctor. If your doctor does not favor trying these or thinks they are silly, you may want to find a new doctor. There are volumes of research coming out showing the positive effect of some of these alternative methods. Be well, Bob
  • I would get a second opinion. There are many sides to hyperactivity: some physical, some environmental. He may need a change in diet, he may need special discipline techniques to modify his behaviour. A child psychologist might be able to go through techniques with you. If you watch shows like The House of Tiny Tearaways and Supernanny, you will see how effective learning techniques to modify behaviour can be, both for the child and the parents.
  • my boy is 3 as well & although we are waiting to revisit he is doctor in December- I am almost positive he has ADHD. He has a beautiful caring nature- but he lacks any self control, will not listen & follow directions. i have tried a reward system but i am really stressed about this because as a mother you dont ever want them to feel pain. i am still up in the air about medication- please let me now what your thoughts are!!!
  • I would search for the cause: POSSIBLE PHYSICAL CAUSES: I would take him for a food intolerance test. It can cause a lot of havoc if we eat foods that we are intolerant to. For example, gluten can cause inflammation in the body, as well as the brain, if we are intolerant to gluten. There are other food intolerances too. That's the first step I would take. Avoid all harmful E numbers that can trigger ADHD, such as food colourants (found in sweets, snack chips, cooldrinks and other foods), preservatives, artificial sweeteners, flavour enhancers (such as MSG), refined sugar, refined flours, caffeine, chocolates, etc. Put him on a natural diet with foods as close to nature as possible. Eat whole foods instead of refined foods, to get proper nutrients for the brain. Stay away from man-made artificial, processed or refined foods. Exercise, fresh air, sunshine (not sunburn), time in nature, to relax the mind. Adequate amounts of pure water for brain cells (between meals). Eating at structured meal times as opposed to snacking here and there, to prevent fermentation in the stomach, which can lead to irritability and restlessness. POSSIBLE PSYCHOLOGICAL CAUSES: Check for psychological needs, quality time, maybe something else. Make discipline fun with rewards, something to look forward to. You will know his needs best. POSSIBLE SPIRITUAL CAUSES: Depending on your beliefs, but prayer can help for guidance and a peaceful Spirit. Pills are not a quick fix. The cause must be found.
  • I think it would be a good idea to do a consult with his pediatrician re: meds.

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