• "Arms of an Angel", that one song that starts out with "Aaaaaaaaaat laaaaaaaaaaaaaast", and songs that make me think of loss or something ending. If there's an upbeat song at the end of a movie, sometimes I'll cry because it's the end. I can't listen to sad music, even remotely sad, or I'll get a little down.
  • Goodbye my Lover, by James Blunt, lame as that sounds.
  • Tell me I was Dreaming by Travis Tritt, it reminds me of my son's dad that passed away.
  • Evanescence's Like You. It's so powerful.
  • Zombie, by the Cranberries.
  • Goodbye by Plankeye, Every New Day by Five Iron Frenzy, Horizon One by Nitengale ( local band from Fairbanks Alaska, where I live. they have a new contract in Tennesee, so....something :P ), and On Distant Shores by Five Iron Frenzy....amazing songs.
  • Sh****t! Try to spin at least three of those daily!
  • Aaron Neville does a pretty gnarly Ave Maria, I can't remember what movie it was played in but it was perfect
  • One with the freaks - the notwist, so amazing. i wont let anyone talk to me when im listening to that song.
  • Moon River by Jim Reeves. The reason being, and Pretty Pirate this is something for you, an instrumental version of this song was playing at the viewing we had for my Grandmother the day before her funeral. I like to be alone when I listen to it. It has bought me to tears before.
  • 'Yesterday' by The Beatles. It seems to conjure up for me, a feeling of sadness & longing for something I can't even name - perhaps for the things that will never be. And not even specifically to any loss in my life - 'Weltschmerz' is what the feeling is, I think.
  • More than any other, "A Gentle Fall of Rain" from the musical Les Miserables. Something about that song never fails to bring a tear to my eye. I especially like Lea Salonga's rendition from the 10th Anniversary concert CD.
  • Just one? A Billion Starving People by Keith Green is one. Nights in White Satin by the Moody Blues is another.
  • 'Early Morning Rain' (written & sung) by Gordon Lightfoot. 'Still I'm Sad' by The Yardbirds 'Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd 'Yesterday When I Was Young by a few artists inc. Charles Aznavour, Roy Clark..
  • This is it, A well sung national anthem, usa! usa!
  • Sail Away - david gray
  • Against All Odds- Phil Collins and Daniel - Elton John
  • And there's many more........... Hootie And The Blowfish - Let Her Cry S Club 7 - Never Had A Dream Come True christina aguilera - i'm ok Mya - If you died I wouldn't cry Leann Rimes - How Do I Live Bon Jovi *Bed of Roses* Destiny's Child-Emotion Amanda Perez- I Pray Reflection-Christina Aguilera (Mulan) Eminem - When I'm Gone still- the commodores Kelly Clarkson-Because Of You Have You Ever- Brandy Bruce Robison-Angry All The Time Kelly Rowland-Stole Pat Benatar: Hell is for Children Dolly Parton-Family
  • "Closedown" by The Cure and "Tenderness" by General Public. Its weird because Tenderness is a really upbeat song but I get tearful everytime I hear it...
  • Meatloaf ... "For Cryin Out Loud" ... it was playing when my fiance left me for some other guy she had been cheating on me with.
  • Concrete Angel by Martina McBride and Sieze the Day by Avenged Sevenfold (only if the video is playing though)
  • "Jennifer Lost the War" by The Offspring. "Jennifer lost the war today you'll find her burnt and raped Through it all she must have wondered 'what have I done?' But nobody really cares today the world's a busy place Guess she must've really sinned now (Really sinned now) I guess we're all just soldiers But she was only six years old Left to die by strangers Her family waits And if we're all just soldiers is it so wrong to be afraid? Jennifer lost the war Phoebe lost the war today there must be some mistake Say it happens all the time and it's said and done And little Miss 1565 Your soul remains unclaimed Guess you must've really sinned now (Really sinned now) Morality won't help her When she lies silent in a morgue And all our sorrows just don't count at all But will the morning headlines Even say that it's a shame What are we headin' for Jennifer lost the war Seen it all before Silent on the ground as he's walking away And I wonder how many more everybody take it like it's nothin' at all Jennifer lost (,lost ,lost ,lost) the war now I guess we're all just soldiers But she was only six years old Left to die by strangers Her family waits But will the morning headlines Even say that it's a shame What are we headin' for?"
  • Asleep by Morrissey/the smiths a perfect sonnet by bright eyes Romulus and venus by tear garden
  • -China Roses by Enya -Contact theme (from movie) -Slipped Away by Avril Lavign (sounds cheesy but everyone can relate to those lyrics in some way)

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