• I've traveled with slight mismatches (i.e. missing middle initial, etc). But if your passport has a completely different name you will need to change that ticket, and the airline isn't likely to cooperate unless you can demonstrate that you're the same person listed on the ticket.
  • As long as you have plenty of identification, you shouldn't have a problem. I always travel with a certified copy of my birth certificate, and at least two forms of picture ID.
  • Your passport and your ticket should always match. The only time it might not is if you have just resently gotten married and you (if you are female) haven't or are not going to change your last name). Depending on where you are traveling too, you may have to get one or the other changed.. either the ticket or the passport, but you will need to have all the right documentation to do either one of these. If you are in the Domestic US, you might not have a problem flying domestically with a passport and other proper documentation, but if you are traveling internationally, you need to get it fixed so they both read the same thing. Please note, as the original poster is Anonymous, I'm making an assumption that the poster is in the US. if they are from any other country, you had better ask the govt powers that be in your country.
  • Depending on your destination and point of origin, it can and will be an issue. I would hate to have to rely on it if you had to make a plane change or rush through security somewhere, expect Murphy's law to apply.
  • For foreign travel, absolutely yes. I once had a travel agent who assumed my given name was William when I filled out the paperwork to get a ticket to Singapore. My given name is Billy and she assumed that I was not being smart when I told her that was my name. I was in New Jersey and she was in California (this was before online booking). I had to leave the day I got the ticket. What I ended up doing was going to the Singapore Airlines office in New York City (even though I was flying out of Newark). It was a real mess. Always make sure the ticket has your correct name.
  • Yes, it will cost you money

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