• this is happening now in the work force and not just race ..gender is also being used as a job qualification both of these conditions are being put ahead of the most important thing which is 'can they do the job' and do they have the qualifications to do the job, seems that a artificial balance of race and gender is more important than if the person can do the job!
  • When the boss is a bigot most likely tis so.
  • It could be depending on the job. Maybe someone is looking for a person to represent their country in some way. Maybe someone wants to have a black and white party and they want matching sets of waiters and waitresses , same as if someone wants only tall people or only women or men. But for most jobs it has nothing to do with race.
  • No, but in many parts of the world it is. In countries I have travelled in, minority races (or religions) have little chance of getting certain jobs, entering universities or gaining political selection.

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