• No there is no way... sorry
  • Take the picture again
  • If you use the micro usb cord from your charger (or a micro-usb cord) to hook your phone to your computer, you should be able to click on "device storage", and then DCIM.....and in there your picture might just exist. If not, click may be in there somewhere still. I've even found copies of old pictures in the thumbnail cache (albeit small copies, but if it'd be better than nothing, just drag the one you want to your desktop, it'll copy into your computer and you can enlarge it. (If you download a freeware picture viewer called Irfanview, you can even "sharpen" it with some success, and of course Microsoft Office Picture Manager will let you adjust the color and brightness etc. You should be able to tweak a tiny shot into something viewable, if that's all you got to work with.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      My Samsung phone keeps pictures in a folder without "downloading" them anywhere. It just stores any shot you take. That's what you want to click around for. If you cant usb your phone to your computer, try browsing the phone itself..that picture will be in a folder somewhere...DCIM..Downloads...Images...look around!
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