• Yes, throwing up is a method that people use to lose weight. It is a recognised eating disorder knowen as bulimia and is extremely destructive to a persons physical and mental wellbeing. Physical sideeffects include: Esophageal problems Vocal chord damage Stomach ulcers Osteoporosis Hair loss Digestive problems Decreased body temperature Irregular heart beat Elimination problems Dental Damage Organ damage Vitamin and mineral deficiencies Enlarged salivary glands Dry skin Decreased bone density Menstrual dysfunction Hormone irregularities Insomnia Low red blood cell levels Weak muscles Immune system damage All in all there are much more effective and healthy ways to lose weight such as diet and exercise as stipulated by your gp or alternitivly a doctor specialising in obesity or a personal trainer. A battle with an eating disorder scars a person for life so please do not even contemplate doing this to yourself.
  • Sure, but it's probably the worst, most unhealthy way to do it. Megan's answer covered a lot of the physical facts about the disease that is bulimia, but here is a little personal anecdote that I can add: A good friend of mine used to be bulimic; she'd gotten through it and managed to cope with the problem and was pretty much better. Then she moved to Hollywood to go to school to become an actress and her body issues reared their ugly heads again. She began binging and purging again and is now to the point that even if she had the mental will and strength to stop it, she is physically unable to stop herself from vomiting after she eats. Sometimes, she burps and her food just comes up. Most times, though, she just takes herself to the bathroom after every meal and takes care of business there. Once, we were walking along after having split a burrito, having a conversation, when she casually leaned over, projectile vomited in the bushes, and continued walking as if nothing had happened. Throwing up is your body's reaction to POISON. It is what your body does when it NEEDS to eliminate something in your body that is not supposed to be there before it goes through your digestive system and is absorbed into your bloodstream. When you vomit, Also, you bring up all sorts of stomach acids into your throat and esophagus that are supposed to stay in your stomach. These acids erode your throat and esophagus as well as causing pretty much constant puke breath (ew). It seems that my friend has tricked her body into thinking that any food that goes into her stomach is one of the poisons that it must reject, so she always vomits after eating now. It will take intensive physical and psychological therapy to get her back to normal, and even then she may still have problems. From what I've read, bulimia is a little bit like a drug addiction; once you start, the need for it gets stronger and stronger until you're unable to help yourself. It's not something that you can do for a week to drop a couple of pounds to fit into your prom dress and then go back to normal. Please, don't do it. Read this book for further information, it's about a woman's struggle with anorexia and bulimia:
  • thanx for your answers. the truth is that my friends say that im skinny, but i just feel fat. at least now ill know that throwing up is not a good way 2 lose weight
  • honetly, not really. i've been bullimic for 5 months and all it's done for me its ruin my metabolism. i'll eat or binge then weigh myself, then go thow up, weigh myself and weigh either the same of lose half a poud to a full pound. it's not worth it though. keep your metabolism, once you start throwing up, your metabolism stops working then your forced to throw everything up after every meal so you dont gain so much weight. my main point is bullimia doesn't make you lose as much weight as most people think.
  • You will most definitely lose appeal.
  • Throwing up really really helped me lose weight. I lose 20 lbs just by throwing up after meals for a couple weeks. and i felt no pain. im just scared not after what im reading though ><
  • Physically, probably. Considering the closeness of this question to Bulimia, it saddens me.
  • Yes, and you'll lose weight if you chop off your arms and legs too...
  • Actually, not so much. Other users have already given great reason as to why not to do it, and the horrible side effects. But moreover, purging is not so much a successful way to lose weight. Here's why: Your body starts breaking down the food and absorbing calories IMMEDIATELY after consumption, therefore, by the time you actually purge the food, your body will have already absorbed some of the calories.
  • aww sweetie please dont get yourself into that it is a horrible habit i am bilumic and it is awful you need to talk to someone about it babes please just take my advice and stop if your friends say your skinny you probably are bet you have got a gorgeous figure on you and do you think ladz like lasses that look pale and when out for a meal you have to go to the bathroom to throw it up no i dont think so take care and add me on msn if you want to talk its x
  • i am throwing up now after i eat most meals in hopes that i will lose weight im not huge but i definitly need to lose weight. i keep saying to myself that once i get out on my own i will become a vegetarian. the food that my parents bring into the house now i wouldnt call healthy. but its what my mom can offord so i cant complain. so this is what i am doing now throwing up after meals. if i lose any weight i will be happy. i know this is a disorder but its what i want to do to lose weight and maybe one day i will do it the right way but for now this is it. p.s. i am not incouraging anybody to do what i am doing. dont do it, it just feels good to talk about to you guys you are the first people beside my sister who knows that i am doing this. goodbye.
  • Yes, but you'll also probably lose your hair eventually, and your teeth will get all corroded so when you're older - like 25 or 30 your teeth will be all damaged and will stain really easily on coffee, tea, or wine you drink. Not to mention the damage you'll do to your heart and other organs. You'll rip up your esophagus too from all the acidity you're constantly putting up into it, causing eternal acid reflux, a condition that some people unfortunately get without even being bulimic and that in extreme cases the upper digestive tract has to be reconstructed surgically. Basically you will ruin your body and feel the effects of this behavior for the rest of your life. And the weight will come back. How badly do you want to do this?
  • Please don't even start...I tried it thinking I could just do it a few times and be done with it but it really has become an addiction now I have to work even harder than before to control it and my addiction to food also. I honestly thought it wouldn't be this way but it is and all I can say is that it is soooo not worth the constant shame I feel because of it... it's a mental crutch and I hate having to depend on it like I do. Please don't be stupid like I was when I first started considering it as a weight loss option.
  • i'm fourteen, and this summer i was "the fat one". so i tried to stop eating, and went about two weeks. but then i passed out from exhaustion from swimming. i started throwing up in July and i've done it atleast three times a day(usually 6 or 7 lately). i lost a bunch of weight, but now i stay between 109-114. it's awful, i can't eat pizza or mexican or anything good anymore, and i'm only fourteen. i'm not against it, and i won't preach to you, but it's not as great as it seems. trust me, i should've listened to my friends before i started.
  • You'll just lose the little bit of weight of the food. You won't lose any fat.
  • your weight will yo-yo and your teeth will rot
    • Suzy-Q
      That's a fact

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