• Its a tricky one. The problem with being gay is being in a minority- your chances of seeing someone you like who likes you back in the general population are pretty slim when compared with those of heterosexuals. The adult world has conquered this problem in part by the introduction of specific meeting places such as gay bars and clubs, where you can go and increase your chances of meeting someone who might be interested. Unfortunately whilst you're still in high school you're underage for most of these places (and most of the guys would be far older than you anyway). To a certain extent this means you have to play a waiting game- it may be that you end up waiting a bit longer than your heterosexual friends before finding people to date. However, you should realise you are not alone, there is support out there that can help the experience of getting used to your sexuality a less lonely experience. LAMBDA have a help and advice network for gay teens, and organise activities and volunteer events where you can meet people in the same boat, try this link: If you're in the UK you can try the Gay and Lesbian Switchboard: , which does pretty much the same kind of thing, and will help to link you up with other gay teens in your area. Both these organisations will respect your privacy and confidentiality, and make sure that you can be discreet about any meetings. I think this link would be good for you to look at too, just general advice and links to resources for gay teens: Good luck!
  • Try gay bars and chatrooms, and then arrange a blind date or something.
  • I did not even read the answers given so far. If you are in high school. You should not go looking to meet people discreetly. Wait until you are at the age of majority, when you meet the right person you will know it. If you go sneaking around to meet people, you put yourself at great risk. There are a lot of people out in the world that prey on young people to exploit them . Besides , would you really like to be in a relationship with a child molestor. Think about day you may come to have children , or you will know someone that has children. Whether you are consenting or is still wrong and they know it. Would you like someone to approach your children or your friends children for sex?Just think about it. You will have plenty of time to meet people. Do not settle for what you can get for awhile now. Hold out for the one you really want to keep and introduce to your family.
  • This isn't an answer, but I'm just here sayin' I'm in highschool too man, and I'm havin' the same problems you are, it really sucks, but just work your way through it, there's not really any way to goaround it discreetly, but do what you can
  • I would really love to interest you to the finer points of women and why this is a bad idea but I suppose this is a moot point. If you know what your orientation is, I suggest the strong approach. No one respects a coward. Hey, if gay was what you truly in your heart thought was the way to go, then there is no dissuading you. Just have some guts at least and be as man as you can and go for it. Do you follow me? either way you will always be a man straight or not, and others will only respect you more if you have the courage to back whatever actions you take. No one likes a wishy washy person. Basically I'm saying do it or don't; stop dawdling.
  • Go up to a guy and ask him if he likes sword fighting.

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