• I don't cheat and I really cannot speak for the rest of women, but some women also cheat on their guys .
  • Honestly, there are a lot of girls who do cheat, but there are a lot of girls who dont cheat also! U just have to find the right one! And the way I look at cheating is- Say u and a girl are dating and u feel really close to her and everything, then u find out shes cheating on u, well obviously she doesnt care about u enough to no cheat on u, so leave! It's like thats a way for you to find out if shes the 1 for u or not-so u can be mad at her, but also be thankful she did it because now u know u 2 are not meant to be together!!!
  • some might
  • How do you think they cheat? They cheat less than men do. But they're catching up they're learning from you!

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