• Sounds like your motor died.
  • If your machine agitates your MOTOR ISN'T BAD. F/P washers have a wax motor (brown 1/2in by 1in) that attaches to the recirulating pump. This is a common issue the shaft on the wax motor breaks. If this is your problem the machine will get stuck in the rinse cycle (go around slowly spraying water from the top). Do you get a Fault Code at the end of the cycle? If so remove the control housing (the top). Screws are located on the top rear of the machine. You will find the tech sheet ( a piece of paper). It will help you translate the code from binery. Even if you're not getting a code the tech sheet may help you figure out whats wrong.
  • Susie G. If this happens to you again.. It is most likely that you have a blocked pump. Tilt your machine backwards, you will be able to remove what ever is blocking the pump. Or alternatively contact the Fisher & Paykel Hot Line 1300 650 590 Good Luck with your Machine.
  • I have no idea what a wax motor is nor have I ever seen one in a FP washer. Probably the pump is bad. If you disconnect it, it comes out very easily with a left twist. Bayonet fitting. If the pump is ok, then something might be blocking it. Bra wires are notorious for this. You can't really clean out the pump from the bottom; you have to remove the agitator and then the top cover and take out the bowl. Then you can remove the cover over the pump and take out any foreign objects such as bra wires. When you remove the top cover, watch out for the out-of-balance switch at the back. It breaks easily.

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