• Her name is Stephanie Courtney. She's done a lot, but nothing that you'd ever remember her from, unless your that guy that says, "Oh! Yeah! Remember that movie? She was the girl at that table in the background of that one scene!" Anyway, her IMDB bio can be found here:
  • Any fans of Adult Swim would be interested to know that she is the voice of Tom's fat wife Joy on "Tom Goes to the Mayor" as well as many other charcters on that same series.
  • Stephanie Courtney Is The Woman In The Ads
  • No idea, but does she play two parts in the commercial???
  • She is the most annoying person on TV right now.
  • She is a glorious person. I absolutely love her. Also she was in the first season of "Mad Men" as one of the switchboard operators
  • I have heard that she is actually a man. found out about it after the commercial had already aired. Since the commercial has been popular, they have continued keeping "her" in the role. The inside secret is that they are waiting for the "bump" that they will get in notoriety when her secret is exposed. Look for her in many more ads in an aggressive campaign.
  • Yes, Stephanie Courtney. Besides "Tom Goes to the Mayor" and "Mad Men," she was also utterly fantastic as Alex in "Melvin Goes to Dinner"... (I believe her agent is Naomi Odenkirk?)
  • She also plays Gayla in The Heartbreak Kid starring Ben Stiller.
  • No reflection on Cortney whatsoever, but .............I gag everytime I see one of those Progressive Ins commercials!

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